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Barcelo Dominican-Recent review?

Heading to the Barcelo Dominican next Saturday and I’m somewhat concerned about some of the reviews I have read on Tripadvisor. I realize that some of these folks are chronic complainers so I try not to get too wound up about it. The reviews for this resort on this website are almost a year old. Hoping someone can give me some solid insight before I go. Any advise appreciated. Gracias!

Most recent review was submitted Dec 2008 and you are right, it’s almost a year old. But next one was for Sept/Oct 2008 so it’s only a few months old.

There is a newer review just posted which gives a good description of the Barcelo Dominicana.

Nice medium size resort with a great location in my opinion.

Bon Voyage


Hey there, I am heading to BDB on Wednesday for my second time around. I am a little concerned too about the recent reviews. I know that there has been some turnover with the employees and I am wondering if that’s the cause for the bad reviews. I am going with an open mind and hoping that my stay is as similar to my last vacation there with which I was pleased with.

Are you flying down on Saturday the 17th?

yes, we are leaving on the 17th from Toronto. I think the flight leaves around 4:30 in the afternoon. We are pretty open minded types as well…no need be be stressed while on vacation to get rid of stress…

Agreed :slight_smile: I’m traveling solo, so if you can recognize me from my avatar, come over and say hi! :slight_smile:

We are going April 4th. Please let us know what to expect.

Will do…I’ll be posting a detailed review as soon as I get back.