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Barcelo Dominican vs Barcelo Bavaro Palace

We are looking at booking one of these resorts. We have stayed at AI’s in the DR six previous times. We like a nice beach and nice pools. We spend most of our days at the beach and move to pool in late afternoon. We are not fussy about rooms and I am sure we can find something to eat most anywhere.
We like to kayak, snorkle and take walks on beach.
Any input anyone would like to share on these resorts would be appreciated.
One last thing…they “must” have Presidente!! ;D

ha…pretty sure they both have presidente! barcelo dominican is a smaller resort, size wise, then the barcelo palace…it has lots of pools and is close to shopping and bars and such in el cortecito, both have beautiful beaches, water tends to be a bit calmer at the palace

Barcelo Palace is about an hour or more walk along the beach to Cortecito

When we styayed @ the Barcelo Dominican Sept. 08 in the Deluxe Tropical suites we had Presidente in our bar fridge delivered daily.

I’m almost certain they Presidente at the Barcelo Palace.

Thanks for the replies, they are appreciated.
Would you recommend one over the other?
We do tend to like smaller resorts over the mega hotels but we did stay at Bahia and enjoyed that as well.

We are a group of 7 going to the Barcelo Dominican on Mar 2-16. Never been to the resort before but chose it because of the beach ( water not so calm as farther south is) and the closeness to the shopping.

Barcelo Palace has the best beach in Punta Cana, not just my opinion, but a consensus among Punta Cana regulars. Long, wide, sugar-fine, pure-white coral sand, and calm water. The Palace rooms are getting a little long in the tooth but are due for renovation shortly (the Beach section has undergone renovation is now being marketed as the Palace ‘Deluxe Suites’).

does anyone know the email address for the Barcelo Dominican?

When you say the Barcelo Dominican is close to shopping …do you mean vendor shops on the beach? …or is a town for shopping nearby?
Is the beach nice for walking? Sorry for so many questions…but thanks in advance as always! :slight_smile:

just returned from Dominican BR today…beach was fantastic! Some other issues there but for the most part it was a good deal. Will be posting a thorough review in the coming days.