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Barcelo Marina Palace?

Has anyone ever been here?? If so what info can you share…beach, food, rooms, location. Would appreciate any info. First time to Varedero and wondering about this hotel only have been to Playa Pesquera in Holguin.
Thanks in advance

It’s been a while since we were there so things may be quite different now.
Beach - OK - not as nice as closer to Varadero - sand is coarser - because it’s at the tip of the peninsula it seems to be winder.
Food - was OK when we were there - had mixed comments from friends who were there last year.
Rooms - it was new when we were there so the rooms were clean, bright & roomy. Had a safe and fridge.
Location - at end of peninsula so not close to town but there’s lots of transportation to and from town.
There was no bar or washrooms at the beach at that time.
Overall it was just OK. If we return to Varadero we’d probably try a resort closer to town.
Check the reviews for recent travelers to the BMP for more up to date info.

Hi check here for reviews:

We were there last March and it was a great vacation.
If you can, make sure you walk the beach to the tip of the peninsula.

At the end of the spit it is windy some days. As a new area it has some mosquitos in the evenings when the wind dies down.