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Barcelo Marina Palace

Has anyone recently been to the Barcelo Marina Palace? Does anyone have any positive experiences to report? I’m getting extremely concerned! I am traveling alone with my two boys and would be devastated if we had any terrible experiences after waiting and saving so long to be able to all go on a vacation! Any comments would be so very very appreciated!
I have traveled to a few places and despite so minor inconveniences have never ever considered reviewing places the way this resort is currently being reviewed! Is it possible to change resorts last minute? We are scheduled to leave next Monday.
Thanks to anyone with info that may help me or ease my concern somewhat! :slight_smile:

I understand your worries, but as has been mentioned often on this board, a vacation is what you make of it! Your attitude will go a long way to colour your experience.

My personal concern with the Barcelo Marina Palace stems from all the negative comments I have read about the food, but that is a very subjective topic, so you may find the food perfectly ok, even though it likely won’t be gourmet!

If things are really bad (which I doubt they will be!), speak to your destination rep and see if you can get transferred to another resort. They might be able to accommodate you at another Barcelo or at a resort with a lower star rating.

I hope your vacation will be fabulous, and please come back to this forum to tell us about it. I’d ask you to write a review, but if you have two boys, you might not have the time for that!

Have a great trip!

I was there from Nov 10 to 24th for my wedding. I was worried, too. We had a good time. The food on the resorts in Cuba isn’t the best, but you don’t go to Cuba for the food. Don’t expect gourmet food. A lot of people complained about the service, but I don’t know what they were complaining about. We had the best service and better than what you get back home. There is a mosquito problem, but spray yourself before you leave your room each night with 30% Deet and you’ll be fine.

Anne is right. Your vacation is what you make of it. If you choose to focus on the negatives, then, you’ll have a bad time. I choose to focus on the good things and I’ve never had a bad vacation.