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Barcelo Punta Cana Prestige Class

I haven’t seen many postings on Barcelo Punta Cana. If anyone has gone there recently can you please tell me a little about the place and it’s location in relation to other resorts?


Hi Kim, your right there isn’t alot of chat about this hotel. I can tell you that the reviews I have been reading on another forum have gotten much better lately than they were earlier in the summer. It is on bavaro beach. It’s a beautiful wide beach and the resort is 2 east of the Majestic Colonial. My husband and I are going there on Jan 10/09 and are getting quite excited. I know this isn’t much info, but I hope it helps…Joann

My wife and I went there two years ago in April and honestly, we loved it!! The people were really friendly and the food was pretty good for the most part. We only had one bad dinner there where we actually walked over to the buffet to grab some soup since they were taking so long to bring our food out. It was funny actually - we started a trend. I wandered out and brought back two bowls of soup. Shortly after, another two couples did the same. BUT, that was our only bad point of the trip, the rest of the time, service and food was amazing!!! I would definately recommend the Barcelo!

Thank you both so much for the replies! I too noticed the reviews have been better over the past few months. Some of the reviews were quite old too that I was reading. We are heading there Dec 19-26. We are getting really excited!

On anther note, did any of you get the recommended immunizations for the DR?

Hi again gypcqueen83, my husband and I and our daughters have been travelling to the Dominican for the last six years and never have we gotten any shots, malaria pills or other wise. And in totel honesty, never have one of us been sick in anyway. But I guess this us, and a personal choice. I have alot of friends who do get the shots. Again personal choice. I hope that you have a good time at the Barcelo, I would love to read a review or see pics when you get back home. Have a cervesa for us…maybe even 2…

I don’t know where the tag “Prestige Class” comes in, but I stayed at the Barcelo Punta Cana the last two Septembers, and I was very satisfied with everything. I haven’t stayed at any other Punta Cana resort, so I have nothing to measure the Barcelo Punta Punta against, but I can’t imagine a better experience for the money.

In the last year, the Barcelo has added a large theatre, a second pool area, another restaurant, and a couple more bars. The food is good, and the people are friendly. Of course, since September is the slow season, I have no idea what the resort is like over the holidays. That’s why I’m considering biting the financial bullet and booking a stay over Christmas this year.

It depends on what you like and your expectations. After two stays there, the Barcelo Punta Cana feels like home to me, and I like it.

I ended up just updating my tetanus shot and all of us received hep A. The girls will get hep B free at school in gr 7 so decided to wait. The oldest had Hep B. We just intend to bring immodium & pepto and tylenol. Any other recommendations?

Transat Holidays (Canada)calls it the Barcelo Punta Cana Prestige Class. I saw somewhere a place in the US calls it Barcelo Punta Cana Premium Class. Not sure what the difference is or maybe its just Canada and US terms for certain tour operators.

Yes, its just the way the tour operators choose to market the place. Beach location here very nice, Grand Paradise Bavaro then Majestic to your right, then about 100 meters to Gran Bahia/Riu resorts; on your left 50 m to Moon Palace (still not yet open), another 100 m or so to next resort (RocoKai ?)

Hi guys,
My boyfriend and I are going there Feb 7-14 and we have been contemplating this decision for about a month. We are meeting with our travel agent this week to officially book it but I am wondering if it is a good choice in hotel after all. I can`t seem to find many reviews on this hotel so I am not quite sure. I am wondering if it is a good place for two 19-year olds to have a good time, or if it is more for older couples, etc.? Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

hi beacchhbumm, i posted a review under the hotel name. hope this helps with your decision if you haven’t booked yet. it is a little quiet at night but you are young and may take a cab to places we could not go as the kids were with us. it is still a good time and a VERY beautiful beach. walking down the beach about 5 resorts (a fair distance!) to me it is the best looking one too! there are larger resorts but i am not sure if the nights are any more vibrant at the others. I have talked to friends who stayed at the Bahia the same week we were at Barcelo and last year at christmas another friend stayed at RIU Bamboo. Both said other than the casino or the disco not much else was going on too late into the night at them either.