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Barcelo Solymar Advice

Booking to stay at this resort in March and soliciting any advice/suggestions from people who have stayed there recently.

Any info would be much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance…

East End Clipper
Northern Ontario

What kind of advice or suggestions are you looking for? Hotel info? Room recommendations? If there’s something specific you’re curious about, that might help solicit a response.

Who are you travelling with? And what’s the age range of your landing party? Are you ‘lie on the beach all week’ people or eager to venture off the resort?

Also, is it your first time to Cuba/Varadero?

Anything of the sort. Restaurant booking advice, opinions on the ala cartes, how far to walk into the downtown area, etc

I plan on emailing the resort with a request for where i would prefer our Bungalo to be. (Block 26 or 27 look fairly central)

Visited the Iberostar Varaedero, Brisa Caribe in Varadero and a couple of Hotels (Luna and Brisa) by Guardalavaca


I was there about a year ago, travelling with my wife and her parents and teenage brother. Normally I’d refer you to my review, but I neglected to write one for Solymar.

So this is a good place to start, if you haven’t been there already: http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/cuba/solymar.html

We didn’t book any a la carte restaurant meals, so I don’t have any advice about that. I can only assume you should do it sooner than later after you arrive. But the buffet food was very good. And every night at dinner time they had a pasta bar, where you could pick your own ingredients and it was really good too.

The Ranchon Tropimar is a bar/restaurant on the resort, away from the main hotel and near the beach. They had lunch time buffets there, and snacks in the evening, and it’s a nice setting.

Barcelo Solymar is very close to town. It’s definitely within walking distance… maybe 10 minutes away. The hotel is just west of where the town begins, on a sideroad away from the main highway, along with a bunch of the other ‘older’ resorts.

We had room 3217, but I’m not sure which block it’s part of. We were very close to the sports bar, which is definitely worth checking out. There are two pool tables and a ping pong table, and of course, alcohol… I spent quite a few hours in there losing ping pong matches to my brother-in-law.

If you have anything more specific to ask, I’m sure some other members will have feedback.

Thank you - info is very useful!

Appreciate you taking the time to write…

Best Regards

It is a fabulous resort!!! I stayed there between January 10 - 17/09 and definately will make plans to stay at this resort next year.

Glad to know you had a great vacation at the Solymar jetpilot.

We enjoyed this resort when it first opened. The Solymar’s biggest asset is location, location, location!

YVRck said it. Location …Location ! A quick walk to town or walk the beach for miles ( few detours) to the end of Hicacos (Veradero Peninsula)
I had some great email contacts with them and found out their loyalty program for upgrades extends across resorts. Even Barcelo POP offered free upgrades based on our stay at BMP last year.

[quote=@spunky]A quick walk to town or walk the beach for miles ( few detours) to the end of Hicacos (Veradero Peninsula)

Well, let’s be reasonable… It’s a short walk to town, but walking from Solymar to the end of the peninsula is a long haul and somewhat unrealistic for many people.

But Barcelo Solymar is still a great experience.

If anyone has any questions ??? about this resort, please feel free to send me a private message any time. ;D

Well…delays in booking with the Travel Agent and I lost what i thought was a good deal to Barcelo Solymar!! So now i took the next (apparently) best deal and am going to Bella Costa. Lots of mixed reviews but the beach seems good and the pizza supposed to be excellent. Hope we made a good choice.
Any feedback on the Bella Costa?? (guess i should start a new thread to ask eh)!!??