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Barcelo Solymar--delivering a letter

We were asked by someone if we could deliver a letter to the Barcelo Solymer and we are staying at the Blau Varadero. I cannot seem to locate the Barcelo on the map of Cuban resorts, does anyone know how far that would be from the Blau.
Stephanie :slight_smile:

From your hotel the Barcelo Solymar is back towards downtown, in between the Hotel Arenas Blancas and the Hotel Varadero International.


any idea how long it would take us to walk there. is it a resort we can walk to from the beach.
Stephanie :slight_smile:

It’s about 5 miles so that’s a long walk. You would have to detour around a couple of rocky outcroppings and I’m not sure that there’s an easy way around the golf course area. I’d take the bus rather than walk.

I can’t see the map that martian posted on my crappy dial-up connection… But if Blau is anywhere east of Bella Costa, then I’d recommend bus, taxi or scooter.

Barcelo Solymar is one of a bunch of older resorts on a sideroad just outside of the town. The rest of the newer resorts are off of the main highway, on the other side of the Varadero Golf Club.

I have to assume that you’ll spend some time walking around town, so maybe you could plan to drop the letter off while you’re there. Barcelo Solymar is very close to Varadero. If you take a cab to town from Blau, for example, just get dropped off at the resort, hand off the letter and then walk the rest of the way.