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my husband and I are going on our first all inclusive to Punta Cana. We’ve heard about bargaining with the vendors, but where do we start? If they give us a price, how much less do we start at? Thanks… ???.

When you see an article that you would like, decide on how much you are willing to pay for it.

When the vendor gives you a price, make your offer and stick to it, do not budge, simply walk away, if it is in the ball park they will come and get you. Hold your ground, they know the 50% game that is often suggested, so they always start high.

It is a good idea to know the exchange rate between Dominican pesos/US $$ and your own currency so you know what the item would cost at home.

thanks a lot… really appreciate the advice…

I say whatever price they offer something for…whack 2/3’s off that price and tell them thats it… and start walking away. At the shacks back in Feb…for two Larimar stones …Mr. ‘Cheapy cheapy’ wanted 75 total for the two.....I told he was loco and walked away....he came after me...I offered 25 ...we both danced around for a while and I ended up getting them for 30. Thats about how it should go in my opinion…

Have a great trip!

I always suggest a price, 5 dollars less than what I want to pay. And when they get to my price, I “give in” ;D If they don’t come close to it, I walk away. The vendors usually come and get me.

Always remember that the larimar that’s at the beach isn’t good quality. And never buy the cigars there no matter what the box says. I was looking at a larimar necklace, bracelet and earrings and a bracelet for my son (nothing more than leather gimp) and they started at $110US. I laughed and said $20 for everything. I ended up getting everything for around $30.

make the lighter test on Larimar.
only plastic burns away, Larimar doesn’t.
in case of cigars i would always stick with the cigar shops, there are several in the area, all of them offer free transportation from your hotels and back afterwards.
have fun

Wud and rickfromto have given great advice. In our case, I always print (a day or so before leaving) wallet sized conversion charts that some currency conversion charts feature. I take one from CDN to RD (and reverse), along with one from USD to RD (and reverse).

Then, it’s simple to decide how much you would either pay for the item at home, or what it would be worth to you in your own currency.


The exchange rate “cheat sheets” are indespensible.

Here’s some better ones I found before my last trips to PUC. I print them out to stick in my purse before I go. These have tables for conversions in both directions, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, both. You just glance at the chart and right away know what you’re spending. Saves a lot of money when you’re “haggling”!


thanks saint, I’ll print one off and keep it with me…

Cigar advice, buy from the vendor that come to your resort and do not expect to bargain if they are Real Cubans

So if they’re labeled Cuban and the vendor bargains, they are likely counterfeit?

likely, but as far as Im concerned i prefer the DR cigars to Cubans, personal preference i guess…

also remember with the vendors , seems if you touch it to look at it, they figure it to be sold, lol

AFAIK, whether he bargains or not is irrelevant. ::slight_smile:

Those links are fantastic!

thanks very much for this info the cheat sheets are great

My 2 cents…

I always take a couple soda’s from the mini bar along to bargain with. Drop them on the table, show the vendors the cash that you want to spend on the item, hold your ground, and hope you don’t spend the afternoon going back and forth.

Stay away from the cigars at the shacks, even if they were legit, would you buy at home if they were that damp? And I agree…the DR stogies are much nicer.

Have fun, the haggling is a pretty fun way to burn an hour or two.

Do you pay the vendors in Pecos or Cdn/US $$$

When I was in PuertaPlata 4 years ago there was a place we visited and you witnessed the locals making with their own hands making these awesome figurines. As much as I witnessed people haggling to get the best price, I felt compeled to pay a little more then I know I could have got it for. The cost of the items at a Craft show or somthing like that would have been way higher then what these people were getting. Just remember These people are trying to feed there families. Dont be afraid to hagle but be fair.