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Barlovento Pics

I finally uploaded my pictures of our Nov. 9 - 23 trip to the Barlovento, Varadero. You can check them out at:


Our day trip to Havana is also included.


Great pictures, thanks for taking the time to share so many with us! Looks like you had a great vacation!

Loved your pictures! You gave us a very good look at the whole resort. This is one that we had thought about many times. Guess we will put it on our list. Thank you for posting the pics!

Wonderful pictures. Sure looks like you had a great time. Looking at the photos, I shake my head at some of the reviews that people give this hotel. ??? It looked perfectly fine and lovely to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing them.

I know what you mean ewka!! We went with low expectatations, and were very pleasantly surprised!! This was an “extra” vacation for us, so it cost a lot less than we usually spend in Feb. Being only a 3 1/2 star, I was a little leary, but decided to look at is as an “adventure”!! LOL ! Really. . . I just don’t understand what some people expect. Nothing is ever “perfect”. . .is there even such a thing??? I read a review that said she had to live on cucumber sandwiches. What a croc!!! There was always a good variety of food. . . not to mention fruits, and desserts. . . and always ice cream!!! Yes, some days they didn’t have some things that were there the day before. . . but there was always a lot to choose from. The resort was lovely, and very clean. . .the staff was always anxious to please. . . I wouldn’t hesitate to return to this resort!!


Was this your first trip to Cuba? I would think its usually people that maybe vacation elsewhere at 4 or 5 stars and then go to Cuba without being prepared and then complained that you won’t get the same pampering that you do elsewhere, but they forget to consider the price they paid.

I see you are going back in 2 weeks. Have fun. Where are you off to now?

Ewka. . .no, we just got back on Nov. 24, we are not going back in 2 weeks! My ticker said that we were going for 2 weeks!! Anyhow. . . I got rid of that one!! LOL

Our next trip is to Punta Cana, the Grand Bahia Principe Ambar. . . 5 star, adults only! It should be great!! I think that is so true about people expecting too much! This was our first trip to Cuba, but I knew what to expect, just from reading the forums, and talking to other people who had been there. And like I said, things were better than we expected!!


Thanks for the great pics! We stayed at Sunbeach this past February and this time around were having trouble deciding between Barlovento and Palma Real. I ended up booking at Palma Real based soley on alot of the ‘not so nice’ reviews on Barlovento. I am glad to hear you liked it and I won’t hesitate for next time. I’m counting the days til we leave; just around 9 weeks to go!

Thanks again for sharing those pics

Thank you so very much for the pictures and your honest opinion. Isn’t it amazing how some people say they hated the place when in fact it really is a nice place to go to. Glad you enjoyed your stay.