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In the Dominican one barters or haggles on price for everything off resort. I do not particularly enjoy that, but oh well. Is it the same in Cuba in the event we venture off resort for some shopping ???

I’ve never bartered for anything. There is not all that much to buy, usually just local crafts, paintings, etc. The prices are so reasonable I never felt the need to barter.

I’ve never felt the need to barter, because I always found the prices very reasonable (for crafts, for example), and the sellers need the few extra pesos way more than I do.

SharonAnn: Looks like we were thinking and typing the same thing at the same time! :wink:

Thanks you guys. That`s the one thing about the Dominican that I do not like. It seems that souvieners, etc are all fairly priced and that is what you pay. that works for me

I love to barter!! and so do the vendors …it’s fun :slight_smile: I like to take things to trade …have a few laughs and ALWAYS give a little tip when I m done :slight_smile: I ve actually made some friends bartering!!

Because of the communism background of Cuba, I don’t think bartering has taken much hold. I really enjoyed bartering in Asia.

You can barter with a lot of street vendors, most especially in Havana. If I think the price is reasonable (and it often is) I don’t bother, but I’ll certainly call someone on it if they’re asking too much in relation to other vendors. And if I’m buying several items I usually try to do a package deal.

I’ll echo Sharon & AnnM’s comments. The prices are SOOOOOO good that I don’t bother. In November of '07 my wife bought a ginormous hand crocheted table cloth (which was too big for our “BIG” table, even with 2 leaves in) for 30 CUC. She estimated ~ $300 minimum in Canada for it.

I was recently told that some societies are insulted if yoou don’t barter with them. I don’t know if that included Cuba or not.

Usually if we do bartering it is mostly in the market in Havana. We usually bring gifts with us to give them as well. We find the prices pretty reasonable as well. Now in the newly renovated market downtown Varadero some of the shops will not barter. The price you see is what you get.
Anyway happy spending !! ;D


The one thing that is quietly done sometimes is exchanges. ie old clothes, shoes for goods. Not a barter per say but another was to exchage goods for goods. I do sugggest if at the resorts do it quietly as I got the feeling the craft’s coordinator looses their ‘cut’ this way.

Cubans love to barter. Offer what you think is fair.
The shell vendors on the beaches will haggle for shoes and Bubba’s.
For the most part, you won’t be bothered by the cheapy-cheapies that plague you in the DR.
Downtown Varadero has lot’s of great shops. If you offer too little, they wave you off.
Best buys are knitted and knotted things like table coverings and clothes. Belts and leather goods are a good deal and carved wooden objects are plentiful … just be aware of Canadian rules for import of wood, shell and coral goods.