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Baseball recommendations


I’m a HUGE baseball fan. I live in the Boston area and follow the Red Sox religiously. David Ortiz (a Dominican Son) is my favorite player and I’ve made it a goal to see a game while I’m in the Dominican Republic from March 23- March 29th (of this year).

Does anyone know where I can catch some Baseball? We’re staying at EdenH on Bavaro Beach so I know it’ll be a long drive (or taxi ride), but where do I begin? It doesn’t need to be a big game in a big stadium… a neighborhood game or small league will be just fine. I’d just like to see some of the passion this country has for my favorite sport first hand.

Any fans out there have any recommendations on places to go, teams to see, etc?

Thanks in advance!

Season is over…

For future planning, Dominican winter ball is in the November - January time frame (Jan. is playoffs so the availability is not at every team’s area).


LRFOX…yes indeed the season is over. La Romana…our closest team had a wonderful year and played great ball.

Although the pro’s are done for the season, there is still baseball played on local fields…the closest in Biron. Once you arrive I will try to get you set up to visit some of the future Ortiz’s of the country!

Unfortunately you will not be here for the World BAseball Classic which concludes just before your arrival!


PuntaCana Mike

You did miss David Ortiz as he stayed I do believe two weeks ago at the Dreams Resort on the south coast. He was extremely friendly to everyone there and he stated he had a wonderful time. I just wonder would visitors to this resort classify him as a local? ;D ;D

That’s too bad about missing the professional season, but I actually would almost prefer to see some neighborhood ball.

I wish I could watch a bit of the WBC live! Hopefully the Dominican does well as it would be nice to see everyone good spirits.

David Ortiz is WONDERFUL in person. I’ve had the opportunity to meet him in Boston twice and he’s been nothing but warm and respectful to the fans who adore him. It would be hard for any country find a better person to represent their country abroad. I’m glad he enjoyed his time at Dreams… he’ll soon be in Florida (probably wishing he was back at Dreams) for spring training.

PuntaCana Mike,
I look forward to that opportunity. I’d really appreciate seeing some of the developing talent play. I think it would be fun!

Thanks again, everyone

Last year we were at Dreams PC and did a horseback trip that was north of resort.
When we got back to the ranch with the horses there was a group of young kids there playing baseball in the pasture. It was old fashioned stickball… a couple of them had gloves and they were using a tennis ball. They let us join and play with them and believe me it was the highlight of our trip. They were great kids and just loved to play ball! :slight_smile: