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can anyone tellme why the advice is to put spare batteries in your hold luggage, i’m sure i read somewhere (on here??) that if they are in your hand luggage they get confiscated?? need to take spare batteries for camera, but dont want to lose them. is there anything else they do this with?


Yeah, good question!



I had batteries confiscated from my carry on in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic on my way home August 4th. The security guards took four unopened rechargeable batteries and didn’t give an explanation. When we questioned it, we were told to move along and we didn’t think it was work arguing over and risking being held back because of it.

I called Air Transat to ask if it was their policy and they said “no, Air Transat has no problem with batteries in carryon.” Therefore it is simply the security at that airport making ridiculous rules…or a great way for the security there to stock up on batteries. So silly!!!

Therefore if I were you, I’d carry batteries in the checked luggage. If we had known they would be confiscated, we would have given them to our maid or one of the staff at the front desk at the resort. They were good batteries!!!

Hope this information helps.

lovlos (Kelly) ;D


The problem with batteries being taken is going thru security when returning to your home country - NOT on arrival in the Dominican. We have not had our baggage checked when coming into the DR… but, might be different next time - who knows?

My husband usually has his spare batteries in a zipped jacket pocket on arrival just in case. The jacket is over his arm and has never been looked at.

On the way home, putting them in your checked baggage shouldn’t inconvenience you…


yeah, i think i will put them in my suitcase just to be sure. maybe there is some sinister ‘bermuda triangle/lost’ thing going on :wink:


…not figured out the country’s real name… :’(



I never had a problem with batteries and the Dominican customs. I have had batteries and chargers in both my check in luggage and my carry on.
I did however have my batteries confiscated when returning from South Korea several years ago. They were given to the flight crew and returned upon arrival at my destination. Stangely enough they only took the loose batteries, not the batteries in any of my toys or cameras.



This topic comes up every now and then, most of the long time posters know about this from way back. When we returned from the DR in April, I took my good rechargable batteries out of my camera and put in a couple of dead ones. Drat, they didn’t even weigh my suitcase let alone check the carryon baggage. It is hit or miss, but if you don’t want to run the risk of loosing your batteries, take them home in your checked baggage.


Batteries gave us a problem with security on the way down,kepted getting picked up on the x-ray machine.Mine you we had alot of them and different types,no problem leaving as we carry rechargeable ones for the camera in our carryon with the camera an all other electronic equipment…


still dont know why they take them though?


Simple, they take them so they can take them home at the end of the day and use fo their own enjoyment. It’s a scam!


Because they are expensive to buy - cheaper to take from departing passengers… JMHO

Having said that - not all security screeners are like that - it is just the few who give all of them the bad rap!

Sorry M’Frog - YES, I do know it is the Dominican Republic but sometimes I get lazy!


i thought it may have been something like that! lol