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Bavaro Princess after the fire?

I believe I recall reading last year that there was a fire at Bavaro Princess and the McPrincess burnt as did one of the restaurants. If this was true can anyone tell me if it has been rebuilt and where the beach bar/McPrincess and A-la-Carte’s are now located? Also does Licey’s still exist? If not, what’s in there now? Anyone who knows of a good bungalo near the beach but not in the Platinum rooms, I’d like to know what you suggest. I forget the number of the cluster building that I was in but we would walk straight down the middle and be at the Italian Restaurant. I like the second floor rooms.

Your help is appreciated and if anyone has any recent pictures they don’t mind sharing, I’d like to see them.

Last time I was there it was for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. This year will be our 30th. I’m so excited to be back there and just can’t get enough information about the place and it’s changes.

Thanks everyone, keep the reviews coming for all resorts as we love to read them.

Totally rebuilt on the same location. That fire was in 2004 because I was at Palladium a week after fire, was there another?


I stayed in Villa 33 I think, great location, pictures here


Thanks Wud, much appreciated. I can’t believe it was that long ago. Heck it must have happened right after I left!!! Darn! I said burn those burgers…not the whole place. Thanks for the pics!

there was another fire in spring 2007 that burnt down the beach restaurant area and the mac princess…it has been rebuilt , the beach restaurants are now enclosed , the mc princess is now a stand alone snack bar, and the beach bar was also rebuilt into a new bldg. we were there in Dec 2006 and 2007 so we saw the changes…no problem though…same great property

Thanks southbound…that’s exactly what I remember hearing about. So the restaurants are now enclosed??? No open air restaurant atmosphere anymore? Darn, I love that.