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Bavaro Princess rooms

I am choosing between Grand Palladium and Bavaro Princess for xmas.
Does anyone know the difference between the rooms at Bavaro Princess that are listed as SJR, SJRPLUS or Suite?
This is through Sunwing.
tks for your help .

The junior suites are the ones to get. The regular suites are in a hotel style building up near the entrance and furthest from the beach. The others are in small bungalows. The Plus must be just a VIP type . I loved the Bavaro Princess The rooms were good and the grounds beatiful. However, we stayed at the Palladium last year and I would choose it hands down over the BP.

I agree with Greg, GP hands down. I was at the BP in Oct. and found it was really run down compared to when I was there 5 years ago.


Sorry Greggy, I have to disagree with you. The Junior Suites are the “motel ones up by the lobby” and the Suites are the bungalows. I fell into this trap a few years ago and I ended up paying $280 to upgrade to a Suite. Trust me on this one. They actually stopped referring to them as Jr Suite, Suite, Platinum with many companies and now refer to them as Bungalows.

thanks everyone…we are going to go with the Grand Palladium 4 sure but just chosing between the Palace Loft Suite or the Bavaro Jr Suite. Myself and my two kids (26 & 20), hoping someone can tell me best choice of rooms that give us some space.
I appreciate the help