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Bavaro Princess


Does anyone have any information about the “on-site” activities at the Bavaro Princess…i’m visiting there May 1-8…we plan on a few of the optional excursions however we were wondering what the charge was on the other activities on the resort… also…we purchased the VIP package and were told that we could not use the free hour of diving because we’re not certified… is snorkeling allowed or do u have to be certified for that also…can i sub the snorkeling for diving…


We also have booked a trip to the Bavaro Princess in June.

Any tips on this resort?


You do not need to be certified to snorkel. At the Bavaro Princess, the water sports shack is located to the far left of the property on the beach. You should take your coupon for water sports there and book your snorkeling time. Make sure you go to the beach buffet with a plastic bag from your room and stock up on rolls and bananas to feed the fish. They will expect you to do this. All you need to take with you is your bag of fish treats and a water camera. They will supply the flippers and snorkel gear.

The banana boat costs $7 US for 12 minutes. A bunch in our group did this and we think they ride was longer than 12 minutes and they were tired of holding on after that amount of time anyway.

The prices are listed in a paper you will get at check in.

They will also give you a list of activities going on at the beach and pool throughout the day but you should check on the big board by the Animation Staff’s hut. The times on the board differ from the paper you will receive.

This resort is pretty large and there are different things going on everywhere all the time. One night they were serving coffee with rum in the lobby. One night they set up street vendors in the plaza for you to shop.

We went to the massage huts by the pool to reserve our time for the free VIP massage. You can also go to the spa and have it done.

I know you’ll have a great time at this resort.