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Bavaro princess


I will be getting married at Bavaro Princess in 3 weeks. Is there any advice a past bride can give to me about getting married at this resort.

To be honest, planning a destination wedding is the easy thing ever. I don’t know how DW brides get stressed. I think that the key is having to deal with a wedding coordinator who is experienced and knows what they are doing. Gabriel is very responsive. I know that BP is not the greatest resort in the Punta Cana area these days but the wedding is important so go with an excellent coordinator.


Hello lovesthesun and all other brides,

We just got back from our amazing wedding at the Bavaro Princess on May 9 and it was fabulous. The weather that day was a little scary in the morning, but it all cleared up around 10:30 and was sunny and hot the rest of the day.

We had the catholic ceremony with the French Canadian priest who has been in Punta Cana for 29 years and it was great. We had prepared our ceremony in advance at home and had it approved by our priest and it was fine with him. He is very nice and funny. If you are thinking of a catholic ceremony, have no worries, the priest is great!! The ceremony was also on time!!! That never happens in Punta Cana, but it did for us. We added a sand ceremony after our vows and it was great. The only thing is that we left the bottles behind after the party that night and they were lost so we had to come home without our bottles. We are very disappointed, but after asking for 4 days, we just stopped when it became evident that nobody knew where they were. Just my advice, but for future brides, I would definitely recommend your designate someone to pick-up all things left behind to make sure you don’t forget anything. We still have sand at home and my mom got me some sand from the beach wo we will make new bottles. It won’t be the same, but it will have to do.

We met with the coordinator, Francelia the day before the wedding (Gabriel now has someone else working for him. She is the coordinator on site and he supervises). She is really nice and organized as well except for a few little things, but nothing to even fret about.

I had brought pictures with me of things I wanted (different cake with my decorations and bouquet). They did an amazing job with the cake and I got the flowers almost identical to the picture I had brought with me. I was very pleased.

I also got my hair done at the spa and the girl did a nice job. I only recommend that you make your appointment well in advance of your wedding time because speed is not her style. I was starting to panic a bit when she was taking so much time, but everything worked out in the end. She did a very nice job.

Before the ceremony, they normally pick you up in a decorated tram, but since we had the Platinum Club and our rooms were so close to the gazebo, we just walked over.

The wedding site is just simply stunning overlooking the beach and the ocean. It is also much more private than if you were having your wedding on the beach. I definitely recommend you have your ceremony under the gazebo unless you want speedos in your wedding photos ;D

The photographer did a great job as well. If you have special requests for certain poses, ask him, he is open to that. I only asked for one since it was very windy that day and not so good for pictures. He did a great job. The only little glitch was that we were supposed to meet with him on the Friday night to select our photos, but he had scheduled us for the Saturday night. We were leaving on the Sunday morning so that made me a little nervous, but he was there on Saturday night and we got our pictures and CD. We had 25 included in our package and we bought an extra 16. It cost us 144$ US (9$ per photo).

We also had the videographer film the ceremony and I highly recommend it. We watched it when we got home and it is amazing. He did a really good job and it’s a great souvenir. Our ceremony was a little longer since we had the catholic ceremony (20-25 minutes) and he also follows you to the beach after when you are taking pictures. It cost an additional 300$ US, but I’m glad we chose to have it done. Since many of our family members weren’t able to join us, it will be nice to show it to them when we have our parties back at home this summer.

Finally, we had the private beach party for our reception. What a party that was!!! It started at 7:00 and ended at midnight. We loved every minute of it. The only we could say is that the food wasn’t that hot. It was very windy that day so I don’t think that could be helped. We also had a mic for speaches and a DJ. The DJ played his music during dinner, but when the dance started, we had brought our own. I’m glad we did cause the dance floor was packed until midnight. It was great!!! Our server was also fantastic. His name was Domingo and he made everything so easy. Great service all around!!!

If I can give any advice it would be to just enjoy it. It will be fantastic!!!

Here is a link to the pro-shots. Enjoy!!! If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask.





tropicalbride - thank you for your review. You brought up some good points that I will take into consideration, especially the one about appointing someone to make sure that everything is taken from the gazebo when the ceremony is over. I originally wanted a beach wedding but many brides have mentioned that they went with the gazbeo instead because of the speedo and topless issue.

Your pictures look great and it looks like you got married on a beautiful day.

If you can, I am sure that the other DW brides will agree with, we would love to see some photos from your beach party reception. I remember from the other thread, many girls were looking for photos of this beach party option and couldn’t find any.

Congratulations to you and your new hubby, and thank you again for your tips about BP.


We just got back on the 7th, got married on the 27th…it was fantastic, did the private beach party…HIGHLY recommended…wanted a private reception, and dance party. All our relatives and friends loved it.
You can email me with any other questions (and I have loads of pics to share too!)


oops looks like the link didn’t go through…here it is again


ok, so it looks like you have to copy and paste the whole link, you can’t just click on it ::slight_smile: SORRY!!
Hope you enjoy them!


[quote author=balehead board=wedding thread=1147706374 post=1148005168]ok, so it looks like you have to copy and paste the whole link, you can’t just click on it ::slight_smile: SORRY!!
Hope you enjoy them!
Or you can use www.tinyurl.com to shorten it to someting which will work as is.



Hello brides,

As requested, here are a few pictures from our beach party at the Bavaro Princess. Unfortunately, we don’t have too many yet since we are still waiting for our guests’ pictures to come in. I hope this gives you an idea. It was an amazing party!!!



Thank you for sharing some photos of the beach party. I wanted to do the beach party reception but with almost 50 people going, I couldn’t afford to fork over so much money. But it is something that I think future brides to consider because it is something different that your guests would have never experienced. Plus, you get to have your private party.


Have a Beautiful Wedding Lovesthesun!!!

I will be thinking of you and hope all goes well!!

PM me when you get home.



I hope all went well for Lovesthesun!!!

Congratulations On Your Wedding Day That’s Here!!!

Can’t wait to hear all about it,



Hello all!

I got back from Bavaro Princess on Sunday and had an awesome time. The wedding was amazing and all our guests had a blast. I will write to write a report of the wedding as soon as I can. But if any brides have questions about BP, ask away. I do have to mention that Francelia is great. She is replacing Gabriel and so far is doing an excellent job!


Welcome Home!!!

We can all hardly wait to hear all about it!!!



Welcome back!!!
Can’t wait to hear all about it!



Hi everyone! I figured I would bring this post back to life since I am leaving in 10 days to get married at the Bavaro Princess!

The official date is December 13th at 5:00pm and I am beside myself in excitement at this point…

Thank you so much for the information, tips and pictures - it really reassured me that we made the right decision.

I will be posting my Bavaro Princess wedding pictures here in the next 20 days or so… in the meantime, WISH ME LUCK! :slight_smile:


So close, dracett !
Can’t wait to see your pictures !


Have a great time and remember this is all about you and your FH. Congrats!!!

Don’t forget about us when you get home, we need details and pictures!!!

Tan ;D


Hey All,
Been married 2 weeks today! Since dracett brought this post back to life… thought I would share some of the photographer pics from Bavaro Princess… we also did the beach party and have tons of pics of the grounds… haven’t yet gotten around to posting everything yet, but when I do…
Although our wedding day was the highlight, we did have a blast the whole week! Having a DW is definitely the way to go!
Hope you enjoy the pics!



Beautiful pictures, I loved the orange flowers they were so vibrant … thanks for sharing.


Great pictures claydawn, wedding looked beautiful.