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Bavarro Runners...Maria's house

We went on this tour which was great! but i had a question about the fact that “Maria” really lives in the house on which you walk through on this tour. Most, if not all, thought it was maybe once her house but thought it was set up and staged and also thought with the money they brought in from the sales of their products, that she really wouldn’t still be living this way. I disagreed, i thought there was a possibility she really did live there. I asked our guide (Mimi who is AMAZING!!!) and he said she really lived there yet her kids didn’t (they were older and we were told they come to the house to help with the making of the products and tour) does anyone have any opinions or gotten the truth about this being her real home?

Staged… sorry

same as the tours in Cuba, all staged

Awwww!!! Next thing you try to tell me is that there is no Santa Claus :wink:

Bill, there really is Santa Claus

How do you all know that it is 100% staged though? you would think once it got out to the general public that people would call them on it while they are there lol so why do they do this then? what is the benefit to lying to us? i mean this tour was after we had brought their products so it wasn’t there to make us feel as though we had to buy something…why not tell people this is the way some live but this is not their house?

While it may be a staged production, Maria and her family actually live on this small finca and work in cooperation with Bavaro Runners, still it is a typical small Dominican finca.

How could it not be staged? Imagine a small country home and then all of a sudden a bunch of tourists stop by to see how they live! I have lived in the country side of the D.R. and some things that go on would not be very touristy if some folks just stopped by.

Years ago I went on the Outback Safari and they stopped by a ‘typical’ Dominican home. I remember it was very educational but I also remember we all knew it was staged and slightly whitewashed. I think the mom of the house was also named Maria.

Whether she actually lives there or not is pretty irrelevant. It’s not like a bus load of tourists suddenly drops in on a ‘typical’ Dominican home. It’s obviously pre-arranged and ‘Maria’ is paid for her time and service. It could be the only source of income that family has. Whether she stays there after the tourists leave or returns to her real home …

I got the impression that it was her home and a good example of a “typical” family farm but that she’s probably doing a little better now with the income from the tours and doesn’t have to live there any longer.
Of course the areas are somewhat staged though. They would HAVE to be simply for the logistics of having that many people through on tours. I’m with Bob though it seems kind of irrelevant.

The relevance of it i found was the awe i felt seeing the living conditions and the comparison of how i live in my country…i just could NEVER imagine life like that EVER. My husband thought with the many other buildings on site that she probably lived in one of those and at one point did live in the house but because of her financial situation now she was able to “move” up in her life. I wouldn’t want people walking through my house only because i don’t have a home where that could be possible…but it wasn’t like anyone would want to take anything and the home wasn’t in good condition so i figured even if it was real, people going through that house wouldn’t harm the home or dirty it up or anything.

Absolutely. The relevance is in comparing thie ‘typical’ house with what we have here. Whether ‘Maria’ actually lives in that house doesn’t matter. Actually I suspect the truth is that she likely lives in a place that’s not nearly as nice …

Haley… go to my picture site and you can see TOTALLY unstaged photos of real life in the campo. In my movies set there is a short movie with a tour of my wifes family home in Guananico. I have stayed there many times.

C’mon guys,
Anne of Green Gables is a character from fiction.
That doesn’t mean the last hundred thousand visitors to “Her” house in PEI didn’t get their money’s worth. A whole island making a living from the little red headed girl.
Maybe a LMM relative is on hand to greet the bus loads of Japanese to add some credibility.
Heck, I heard that Disney World might be staged too!

Holy smokes guys i was just asking a question about whether she lived there!!! main purpose was the yes or no of it we asked others on the tour but the responses from this post are just right out bizarre…it was a question with just a basic answer, yes or no, i just wondered for my own self if she lived in that house, pretty simple really i just wanted to know! didn’t really have to be a reason, i had never been in a typical DR house before! just like where i live and people see dinosaur bones, some people walk away wondering if they are genuine or not because it is something they don’t see all the time…jahairia i will go check that out for sure.

sorry hayleym72, couldn’t help myself. You’re right. Simple question. Happy Holiday’s!!

wasn’t meant just for you :slight_smile: i just seemed to be gettin bashed not matter what i type on this board…i shall go cry now:P

Sorry, but I’ve now read and reread the posts in this thread three times now and I fail to see where you were getting bashed. We try to keep this a friendly board and posts containing personal attacks are edited or deleted as required. So far, I don’t believe any of the mods saw any necessity to do this.

It’s not a question that you would expect a simple “yes” or “no” answer. As a matter of fact, you asked for opinions and that’s what was posted. May be it wasn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but …

I’ve actually been to Maria’s house twice on the Bavaro Runner’s tour. I believe she lives there. The first time, we were able to walk through the entire house (Mimi was my tour guide…yup…AWESOME!!!). Maria was cooking a pot of pork in the kitchen and it smelled oooooh so, deliciouso.

The 2nd time, they had one of the bedroom doors closed and our guide opened it to show us the room. There was a cat laying on the bed nursing what seemed like a hundred kittens. The tour guide said “uh oh. I don’t think we can go in there today,” an quickly closed the door.

On that 2nd tour, I had my friend with me who is a Dominican, works in the resorts in Punta Cana, and lives in La Vega. She mentioned that her house looks exactly like that of Maria.

I say all of this to say that I’ve asked myself the same questions as to whether or not it’s staged. I don’t think so. I think that Maria and her family are paid well to compensate for the daily disruptions of curious tourists. It’s a great way to make a living and if people wanted to tour my townhouse daily, I’d gladly take money for it. My kids have to eat and it takes money to do that. Maria has what we call where I’m from “a real good hustle.”

Maria shows up at 9am and goes “home” at 3pm on the bus.