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Be careful with on-line booking


I just checked the website where we booked our March '06 trip to see how today’s price compares with what we paid.
The flight appears to be sold out but there’s a long list of alternate dates and packages.
Even though I selected Toronto as the departure city and PUJ as the destination, several of the alternate packages available are, in fact, Toronto to La Romana, once you reach the pricing screen of the process.
Just a word of caution to be careful of things like this. There’s nothing wrong with landing in La Romana and taking the tour operator’s shuttle to PUJ, but it certainly will add time to your travel plans.


I’ve seen that too.
A word to the wise. Check out the details before you press that “I ACCEPT” button. ::slight_smile:


LOL Bob. Kind of like checking out things before you say “I DO”. :wink:



It isn’t just online bookings, travel agents will gradly sell the same package as any online agent…just like everything everywhere… if you will buy it they will gladly sell it to you