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Beach activities at Palladium complex?

Hi Everyone! Just wondering what sort of activities they have on the beach in front of this resort? We’ll be staying on the Bavaro side (but have access to the other 2 sides, PC and Palace, because we’re booked with Air Transat Imperial Club) and I like to take part in the activities for some different things to do while hubby is reading his book.

I like to learn the dances and take part in any games or fitness activities. I’m currently learning the Merengue dance…at least the basic step patterns…now have to learn the partner part of it. I have a friend here in my home town that can teach me how to do it…Cuban style as she’s from there!! I learned the Salsa one time before on a previous trip to Cuba and DR, but can’t remember it.

Do they have any fitness classes on the beach in the ocean other than the pool? How are the water fitness classes in the pool? (assuming they do have them?)

Thanks so much in advance!!

Don’t know about the fitness classes in the pool or water, but they have tons of activities every day. We was an egg toss contest - absolutely hilarious, beach volleyball, canoe races in the PC pool by the beach, and numerous other fun and games. That staff is always walking the beach and pool area looking for people to participate, so you should have no problem getting involved if you want to.

We saw the egg throwing to late to get in or we would have joined that. Next year I think we might try the canoe race, looked fun. but for the most part, I take my walk in the morning and then veg at the beach the rest of the day.