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Beach at Breezes


We are talking our 8 year old daughter to Breezes in two weeks and I was just wondering if anyone can tell me something about the ocean? Would she be able to swim in the ocean or are the waves pretty rough?

My understanding is that it is somewhat rough there and also somewhat rocky. It’s unlikely she’ll swim but unless the waves are big, she should have fun playing in them. Just pay close attention to the beach condition flags (red, yellow, green). Likely you’ll get mostly yellow with the odd red. Green would be rare at this time of year.

when we were there it was red flag every day!!! very very rough with a huge undertow!

I read that you can go to Sousa (I think) and the beach is alot calmer for swimming, bring her a floatie and she will have a ball in the pool, I wish that the arm bands fit my arms i would use them to float (lol) have fun we will be there in 41 days cannot wait

The water was very rough when I was there, red flag everyday.

I would be very, very careful there. The waves can knock you right off your feet, and drag you out easily, even more so for someone that age. It doesn’t take much to get into some serious trouble. Not trying to scare you but I have seen 2 rescues there over the years.

However, if you are right beside her supervising I think she could have a lot of fun. I am not a great swimmer but I had a blast playing in the waves.

I love the water and playing in the waves BUT our entire two weeks there we spent at the pool! The water was just too rough for me. AND I live at Rehoboth Beach Delaware where the water is always rough so I am used to it.!!

Also keep in mind that when those big waves come in & knock you off your feet, they also take your top off:) Just a word of warning. Enjoy.

and your bottoms at times :wink:

So true!

Which is precisely why you should clip your bottoms onto your top before you enter the water. ;D

I ventured into the water on my first trip to Breezes and I was knocked over by a wave and then I could feel the water pulling me out again and I panicked. I don’t know how to swim and I was just wading in so far with my friends and I wasn’t facing the water when the wave knocked me right on my butt. It scared me so much that I haven’t ventured into the water since.

We just got back from 1 week there. we had one day yellow flag and all others were Red flag. there is lots of surf, waves but there seemed to be more people, including me, in the water on Red days then on the Yellow day, more fun. we spent pretty much the whole week at the beach and everyday there was small children i would say as young as 4 or 5 playing in the surf. I watched one little guy no more than 5 race down the beach and let the surf take him back up the beach all day. he just kept doing it and giggling. he was having blast. You should take some sort of floating device for your 8 year old if you chose the pool instead of beach as it averages 5-6 feet deep in the lazy river section.

The waves at Breezes are strong, I got blasted by a wave on our last visit and knocked off my feet (and I’m not a great swimmer); one of our travelling companions was standing beside me and ended up back on the beach, almost without his trunks!