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Beach at Riu's

Just curious as to what the beach & water is like around the Riu’s, is the water as rough, I am comparing to Breezes & Holiday Village.

Widest and nicest part would be in front of the Mambo, busiest section in front of the Merengue and the smallest in front of the Bachata. In the afternoon at the Bachata you have to turn your chair backwards at the beach (away from the water) if you want sun. Makes for interesting pictures, back to the water! We found the water very rough (waves and reef) and full of small rocks. There is more sand and calmer water from the Merengue towards the Mambo. If you go to the old sports beach at the Bachata it is calmer and quieter (nothing there but the blue huts and catamaran) but there are no chairs, bars, etc.

Think you covered it all, Janetf. One small additional note that some may not know/remember - the sand is brown and the water is not aqua as on the Punta Cana side.

But the sand and water are both warm ;D ;D

Janetf covered it quite well… The meregnue has the calmest beach, but Bachata is the nicest of the 3 Rius’ … I would recommend staying there, and just walking over to the other beach. Its not that far. enjoy !

So all three of the Riu’s are beside each other?

Basically yes, but Bachata is around a corner.

So would we say they are within a mile of each other?

3min walk. 500m I’d say, there’s a path up a hill to a high point, great view then down to Bacheta side. I was there 10 years ago at the Meringue, I liked it. Bring water socks there is coral there.

Since all three resorts are together and it is easy to get from one end to the other, I would stay at whichever one I could get the cheapest deal for. You have full access to all the services at all three of the resorts, with the exception of supper, so I wouldn’t pay extra to have my room in the Bachata when you can hang out there all day anyway.

Very true

When I was booking last week, the difference between Riu Merengue and Riu Bachata was approx. $100.00 for the 3 of us, not each. That being the case, we booked Bachata again, but certainly staying at one of the Riu’s gives you access to all 3

One note about the Bachata beach. It is actually right on the same stretch of beach - what is up the hill is the gazebo/lookout. Also, around the corner (not accessible by beach) is what used to be called the sports beach @ Bachata. It is in a bay, VERY calm water; sandy - great place for little ones and for catching hermit crabs on the rocks. There are not chairs in this location, and no bar but if you are looking for something quiet for a few hours it works just fine.

Sorry I missed these posts 'cause I just started a thread about the difference between The Riu Bachata and the Victoria.
Love the features of both and wondered about the trip to the beach and services/bars/snacks once we got there.
Also wondered if the Riu’s would be away from the beach vendors?
Thanks everyone in advance

At either end of the resorts you will find vendors set up but you have to go to them, they will not pester you on the beach. When you stand facing the ocean, to your right past the Mambo you will see the huts set up. When you go around to the back of the Bachata and are facing the water, the huts are set up to the far left.

One thing that I liked about both the Breezes and the RIU resorts, as opposed to the Playa Dorada complex, is the lack of vendors pestering you on the beach. I have not been to the Victoria Resort so I cannot comment on any of the services offered there. If I am not mistaken it is in the Playa Dorada complex and would therefore share the same beach as the other resorts which is filled with vendors.