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Beach beds

In Punta Cana, do any of the resorts have beds on the beach?.. I am not talking about beach loungers, I mean actual queen/king sized beds with an awning that they place on the sand ;D If this exists, which resorts have it? ???

THe Punta Cana Princess has them.

excellence has them…think I saw them at the paradisus as well

Melia CAribe has them, however I believe only in the Royal SErvice area for the beach. Although the pool section has them too, which is for 1st come 1st serve.

As posted above the Punta Cana Princess has them but only for guests with the VIP upgrade. We tried them this year but wern’t too impressed as you can’t “adjust” them, they just lie flat. I prefer the regular loungers personaly.

Thanks everyone! One other thing, just out of curiousity… what do they use for a “mattress” on those beach beds?.. is it like a real bed mattress (but water-proof) or do they use something like a lounger seat (but flat)??

:slight_smile: I couldn’t imagine lying on one of those beds, especially when thinking about what kinds of “things” are “living” in the mattresses! :stuck_out_tongue:

What with the rain, the humidity, the wet bathing suits that lie on them, - what a breeding ground for bacteria and other things!! :o :-*

Now if only PURELL made sunscreen!!

At the Melia, they were thick just like a mattress but it was actually some kind of hard plastic cover…
yurk! No, if it would have been a real mattress, I wouldn’t even touch it. lol!!!

At several of these resorts that have the “bed” type of loungers and the so called mattress I have noticed that late in the evening when just about everyone is finished using them the staff spray some form of chemical on the :mattresses to sanitize them or that is what the staff told me.

Boy, oh, boy… with all this information provided about these beach beds, I don’t feel so bad now that the resort we are planning to visit doesn’t have them!!! ;D Thanks for the info!

The material which they are made of are not typical bedding material but similar to that which lounge chairs are made. Plus you can stretch out your towel so that you are not directly touching it with your skin.

Do the beach beds provide much shade?