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Beach Club @ Breezes POP

Does anyone know if there is a seperate evening sitting area at the beach club now that it turns into a Mexican restaurant at night?

On our last visit we spent a few evenings there instead of the lobby or at the show after dinner or our group would meet up there before dinner for a drink.


I was there in 04, 05 and 06 and on all three occasions you could still access the bar. However, you had to sit on the outside patio part only because the covered part becomes the Mexican restaurant. You also had to go around the railing to access the bar because the ramp entrance by the bathrooms is where the hostess greets the dinner guests.


Last time you were there could you make all your dinner reservations at once or day by day?

You could make reservations for all 4 of them at once. Every morning the hostess is set up just outside the entrance to Jimmy’s buffet and she will make your reservations for you.

Edit: They will give you a slip of paper with the restaurants, date and time listed. Make sure you hold on to that slip and take it with you each time you go to the al-a-carte because they can be sticky about it.