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Beach Flea market near Playa Turquesa


Does anyone know of any beach flea markets near the Playa Turquesa complex? If so, how far away are they?


Lots in the little village just to the south of the complex, in fact some even butt up against the Royal Suites property. There is a vendor 1 street back from the beach beside the grocery store that doesn’t haggle prices, and his are as good as I would ever get haggling with the beach vendors.


Good information Ed.
Gracias. :slight_smile:


Does the supermarket next to the Palladium complex sell liquor? I usually buy from a beach vendor, but I hate “the haggle” and usually end up paying too much.


I heard that the restaurant at the Palladium sells booze. My friend just returned from there and said they had Barcelo Anejo for 10 bucks for a 26er.
As for the supermarket, I can’t say for sure, but let’s just say I’d be very surprised if they didn’t. I can’t recall being in a supermarket in the DR that didn’t sell liquor. Ever. :slight_smile:


Supermarket does but the store next to it is cheaper, I can’t comment on current prices but in 2007 I paid $12/litre and IIRC the Supermarket was $14-$16/litre