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Beach gear

We are about to leave for our first vacation in an all inclusive resort in Punta Cana and I was wondering if I need to pack any beach gear (like air mattress, volleyball or other stuff the kids would enjoy playing with).
Is there anything provided or should we bring our own ?(will take few (more) pounds of our luggage :frowning:

Many thanks!

You want an air mattress, you’d better bring your own. The resort should be able to come up with a volleyball … ;D

How old are your kids? The resorts usually have volleyballs and nets. Most resorts have boogie boards and such to use but there is usually a time limit and sometimes one use per day. If your kids are little and want sand toys, you would have to bring your own. I travel with adults and we usually bring air mattresses for ourselves.

As an after thought, you could also bring one of those paddle games you see people playing the beach. We used to call it Splash Ball. There are two wooden paddles (usually very light) and a small ball. I’m not sure where you would find them this time of year though? If you are in Canada, I would try Canadian Tire. Sometimes if you ask, the stores have these summer time games available even if they aren’t on the shelf.

Bring snorkels & masks, pretty gross to use others!

Gross or not, once I found a mask that fit me without leaking, that’s the one I want to use. A leaky mask is a pain in the butt.

We always buy air mattresses or floaties when we get there. You can get them cheaper at the bavaro Shoppping Plaza if thats handy. I give it to kids on the beach when we leave, no packing it, and make someone happy :slight_smile:

Also might depend on the resort you’re going to.

This past August we purchased 2 very decent air mattresses for $7.00 each at the resort Gift Shop, I thought that was very reasonable.

We also purchased a snorkel mask and mouthpiece thingy set for $17.00 at the same Gift Shop last February.

If your kids are young, you can always purchase “sand toys” at Dollarama, pack things inside to take up less space and just leave them there when you’re done.

Enjoy your vacation,

Ever thought of checking out your local dollarama or discount stores…

We have a DollarGiant store here, and they have air mattresses for $3.00 and beach balls etc for $1-2.

They might not last you the season, but I am sure they would hold up for the week or two you are on holidays…

They also weigh next to nothing…

You can also leave it behind for the local kids…

Not much spent, and still have fun…

We are gonna stay at Tropical Princess. Is there any shopping area around there where we can buy this beach gear?