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Beach in front of Grand Oasis Bavaro

I’m abit confused about the beach at the southern end…I read that it is not as good as farther north. In what way? Can one still walk in either direction for a long long ways or is it a separate beach in front of Grand Oasis Bavaro?

it is exactly the opposite,
that beach in cabeza de toro where the grand oasis is located is a very quiet/calm waters bay much calmer than the shores more north, specially than the ones from el cortecito northwards, and worlds better than any shore in uvero alto. and as the opposite to those other mentioned beaches here you can walk eather side without running into the next and next and next resort area right away, and you still walk beaches at calm waters.
one of the reasons why i live here with my family myself, just a few hundred meters aside the oasis beach, right on the beach. i would not change location in case of the beach towards bavaro/cortecito/macao/uvero alto to live there.
have fun

as Mike stated the beach is quite calm there , we were there last Jan for 2 weeks. the beach is great for swimmers , walkers, sailors& kids. we enjoy the beach, nice to be able to walk in cool off without fighting the waves even though these are fun too , you can just take a long walk and you will find some. the seaweed on the beach is raked up every day all day . that little guy that rakes the beach day after day what a job and all for $4.00. (as quoted by him.) have fun you will like it I am sure. good luck have fun and enjoy!

Thanks for the info about the Grand Oasis Bavaro/Punta Cana beach. I find some of the photos misleading. Is there a boat club or something right next to the resort on one side? Can you just walk past that?

Also, although I have booked this resort I am abit confused as to the configuration and location of Grand Oasis Bavaro in relation to the Grand Oasis Punta Cana. Is the Grand Oasis Bavaro built right beside the other resort? Of course there’s no photos that show this. When facing the water, is Grand Oasis Bavaro to the right or left of Grand Oasis Punta Cana?

yes they are side by side, last year we stayed in the bavaro side although we were booked in the punta cana side ,we had a great suite , there were renos going on at that time didn’t interfer with our vacation at all, bavaro side has a quiet pool I think it was adults only and the is a bar there too,and yes there is a boat docking out in front over to the right, there no problems just walk around it on to the next section of the beach . this is 1 of our favorite resorts, not too big not too small ,if either goes on sell off for Jan. that were we’ll be. any particular questions pm me , Any vacation is a good vacation don’t worry relax and every thing will be OK


This might help you get your head around where things are. One of the other members Hlywud just came back from there and this is an updated map

What a great site and forum!! My guy and I are heading to Grand Oasis Bavaro Dec 15 - 24. I am soooo excited!!! I’m a travel newbie and this is my first trip to the Caribbean. Thanks to everyone for sharing your DR wisdom. Read some good and bad reviews about the hotel, so we’ll see. As long as there’s sand and sun I know I’ll be happy ;D