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Beach Security

Let me know about the security of the beaches in DR.We all know DR is one of the best place for the tourist lover so i think there should be a lot of security stage for the travelers.I am pretty sure the hole DR is safe for the travelers.Can anyone add something on this issue?

Most resorts have “security personnel” on or at each end of their beaches. They don’t do much, they are just there as a presence. In November we were at the Barcelo Punta Cana & there was actually security personnel on horseback, checking the beach ! There is also security presence walking the resorts themselves. It’s nice to see them there …

Thank you very much Mar for your nice informative reply.Liked your information and it was so perfect input. :slight_smile:

Remember ALL beaches in the DR are public beaches. This is from the high tide mark to either 30 or 60 (can’t remember) inland. So even if at your hotel you may find a number of local families enjoying the beach.

Public beaches (not attached to hotels) like Sosua and Caberete have police patrolling the beaches all day.


Thanks bobk for your suggestion.Will mind it. :slight_smile: