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Beach towels

Do the hotels provide beach towels, or is that something that we need to pack in our luggage? (staying at the Bahia Principe Bavaro).

Towels are provided.

The Bahia provides the towels for you.

the resorts do provide them but we always bring our own… we like to have two towels each… I hate sitting on a wet towel-I know I could trade it in and get a dry one but I guess I am too lazy to do that… :slight_smile:

we bring our own towels too! i like to have the 2 towels on the chair plus we use ours to save our spot on the beach.
also, main reason why i am in the habit of bringing my own…when we were in Cancun, our hotel towels got stolen from our chairs so we ended up having to pay a fee for lost towels.

We always bring two sets of our own towels with us. I just don’t like the idea of paying the resort $$ if they get stolen because we used their towels. However if your going to have the resort towels constantly in your sight then use theirs instead of your own.

yes, a mistake i learned from. we left our towels on chairs under a palapa on the beach and went for a morning walk when it wasn’t busy. it was 8yrs ago…i think now and in DR I feel more secure in leaving my chairs during the day with towels and stuff. i feel in DR people have more respect for other people’s stuff.

when we stayed at Bahia Principe we did get our towels in our room every day, plus we had the towel card to get them at the desk each day so we always had more than enough towels on that vacation that we didn’t even need our own towels that time.