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Beaches and sailing

I am continuing my hunt for a good place to visit this winter, and I came across Dreams Punta Cana. Sounds great, price is good, but I noticed in some reviews it was mentioned that the beach is not as nice as others, and the water is rougher.

We love the beach, and love to sail the hobie cats. Can anyone tell me if the water is too rough for comfortable swimming? Like, is there a strong undertow? We are both New Englanders, so we’re not exactly used to completely calm waters – but one thing we enjoyed a lot about PC last year (we were at the EdenH) was the calm water.

Maybe one of you sailors or fishermen can help me with what to expect if we do go to Dreams?

IMHO, when “they” say the beach is not as nice, what “they” really mean is the sand is a little darker than the pure white sand you get at the hotels nearer the airport. At high noon in the blazing sun, let’s just say it’s easier on your eyes.
I don’t believe there’s any undertow at the property. I can’t say the same for Excellence since it’s not protected by the reef. The waves are generally fun to play in but swimming may be an issue. That would depend on the weather patterns offshore.


It’s so confusing to figure out what reviews are “legitimate” and which ones are simply people complaining because their overly optimistic expectations were not met. Every time I check TripAdvisor for any PC resort, the reviews are at opposite ends of the spectrum – either “Fantastic!” or “Horrible!”

Which is why I prefer to come here to get my information.

My husband and I are pretty easy to please, although I think the EdenH might have spoiled us for almost any other resort (we thought it was just about perfect). I think that’s why I’m having such a problem finding a resort for this year. We are going for 2 weeks this time, too, so I don’t want to make the wrong choice and be stuck for 14 days in hell!

Well yeah, you’re spoiled with that one. Definitely in the top tier of the properties. But, on the other hand, I don’t think you’ll be stuck for 14 days in that ‘hot place’ no matter which property you pick. Sure, some are better than the others but the truly bad ones are few and far between.

That’s good to hear! Like I said, we are pretty easy travelers, and we don’t expect 5-star service for a 2-star price, like a lot of folks.

But my inability to make a decision seems to have put most choices out of our reach for Winter 2009. Does PC stay pretty temperate year-round? Maybe we’ll go in May or June.

Based on your IP, you’re already in a pretty temperate area. PC should still be running warmer and more humid. Not too bad when you’re in a boat and not far from the nearest bar …

Yes, we’re in Roswell, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. As long as PC doesn’t get as hot and humid as, say, Miami, or the Yucatan, we’d be fine there in summer. And as long as it’s not the rainy season (which I’m guessing is in the Aug/Sept/Oct timeframe) we’d probably be happy capmers.