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Beaches from Sosua (Casa Marina)

This morning I have read on www.sosuanews.com about new beaches in Sosua.
When I look to those pictures that its the same beach near Casa Marina Reef, wich is there already for a few years.

I just recieved the message that the fishrestaurant on the beach of Casa Marina is closed, becouse half of the sand under the restaurant is gone.

They have to do something about this beach, becouse I don’t like the beach near Reef. Maybe everybody has to send a mail to the hotel that they have to do something.

Where did you hear that the seafood/fish restaurant at Casa Marina is closed? This is terrible news! I wonder if they will be delivering loads of sand to the Casa Marina beach to help re-open the restaurant… ?

Someone wrote that in the feedback (dutch version) of sosuanews, after my reaction of that message about the new beaches.
A few was the distance between the sand and the bootem of the restaurant abou 10-15 cm. In september it was about 60cm. In november the sea has taken more sand away.

The last news is: The beach of Casa Marina is now very small. Its no longer posible to swim in to the sea near Beach. You have to go to the beach near Reef to swim.
They have move the fish-restaurant in to the place where the pool tables where before. its not possible anymore to play volleyball. There are still some palmtrees, but not much anymore.

The beach of Casa Marina Beach is every year smaller and smaller and Casa Marina is Doing nothing. Personal I don’t like the beach near Reef. I have sent an e-mail to C.M. Beach that they have to do something or people will stay away from that hotel. I have been there 11 times, but maybe last year was the last time. I hope everybody will send an e-mail to Casa Marina that they have to do something with that beach. The emailadress is: infocmbeach@amhsamarina.com

When you say “no longer possible to swim in to the sea near Beach”… is this because it gets very deep, very fast? Or because there literally isn’t any beach sand anywhere near there anymore?

Either way, it’s very unfortunate, because the Beach side had a fanstastic and quite large beach!

I don’t know why, but they have put a sign (i don’t know the inglish word for it) that you are not allowed to go into the sea at Casa Marina Beach.

That’s a shame, stayed at this resort my first trip to the DR. The beach was really nice.

Where is the Casa Marina Beach “Beach Bar” Has it been moved down the stairs near the Casa Marina Reef?

there is a bar at the top of the stairs on the reef side.

I’m pretty sure that if the beach on the Casa Marina Beach side is closed, they will have to open a bar down the stairs on the other beach because that small bar at the top of the stairs on the Reef side will not be big enough to serve all the customers.

I’m not sure about this. But I E Mailed the resort to ask about the beach closing. The reply was that the beach is open, and they only close it when the waves are rough. I have been 4 times and am returning for 3 weeks in May. I know in previous years that they red flag the beach when its not safe to use…
I hope that this is the case.

I’ll be reporting back in about 2 weeks as I leave for Casa Marina on Sunday. Stay tuned…

I’m back. A full review will follow in the next week or so, but as for the Beach sides’beach specifically, here’s what we saw:

  • Much smaller than before, and than in the resort pictures.
  • Rough water, but fun waves if you’re a good swimmer!
  • Beach drops about 2-3 feet from soft sand, to packed wave-riddled sand, about where the lower edge of the volleyball courts are/were. There is caution tape as it’s a bit of a dangerous area!
  • Still lots of places to sit and lounge (although not as much as before)

–> Beach on the Reef side, down the steps, is FANTASTIC. Lots of space, great sand, plenty of loungers, cheap umbrellas ($3/day tops… 100 pesos is a better deal even), close, quick access to the Mirador bar but its up a set of steps.

Thanks for posting about the beach. I use the reef side anyway. But with the beach one not as good I expect its more busy… I cant wait till my return in May. Mind you Sosua beach is the best
I look forward to reading your review.

I’m leaving on Thursday Jan 29th. When I get back, Feb 14th, I will post photos of the beach so everyone can see. rkbella!

I agree - Sosua beach (especially further down, across from the reef) is awesome. Better sand, short swim to the reef for great snorkeling (bring a few bananas and the fish come right up to you!).

I just wish all the holiday makers make at least one trip to Sosua beach. But there is sooooo much scaremonger still going on. As long as they get past the first corner when leaving the Hotel, they would be fine. I usuall take a few down with me lol
Teen (Helga)

good day…I am here right now. The seascape restaurant is gone! However, they have changed the pool table area to the seascape. The beach on the beach side is small however, it is still useable. They still have room to play volleyball! The beach on the reef side is huge.
Everything is perfect…don’t worry. Yesterday, my first day…it was +30. All is wonderful here.
I will post photos when I return! Cheers

have a wonderful time

Hi everyone! I just got back from the DR and was at the Casa Marina Reef. The beach on the beach side of the resort was still okay (small but okay) on Jan 31st when I posted my last message. By the time I left (Thursday, Feb 12th) the beach was almost all gone on the beach side. There is no more volleyball court and the the palm trees are dropping like hot cakes! Really, they will have to do something with this beach. The Aqua Centre is still holding on but the cement in the front of it had no sand left. I think it’s soon going to be in the past!
The beach on the reef side is fantastic. The bar needs to be moved closer to the beach but at least you get some excersise climbing the stairs.

The games are now played on the reef beach.
I arrived on the 29th evening and it was nice until the 1st of Feb. On Feb 1 it rained all day. Then, the sun was out until Feb 5th…that was it! It rained (down poored) from the 5th to the 11th. 7 full days of rain. I caught up on my tan on the 12th then flew home.