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Beaches from Sosua (Casa Marina)

I think it would be better if you post the photos somewhere on the net rather than expose your email address. If you need help, I’ll be glad to help you.

yes i would love to see pictures of the beach at the casa marina because we were there in Jan and it would be nice to see the difference. I hope they can do something about it.

hi rk we must have been on the same flight,we left on the fifth was going to book an addtional week glad i didn’t.when we left they were removing the botchy ball court, and the volleyball court was toast.

Thanks bfc. Sure, if you could tell me how to post them…that would be great.

OK, I’ve been using www.worldisround.com
It’s free to post travel pictures and associated text. I’ve found it easy to navigate. There’s several methods provided to upload your photos. You can label them and annotate them easily once they are uploaded. Basically, if you can move photos around from directory to directory on your computer (say unloading them from your camera), then you can do it here just as easily.
Give it a try, and keep track of what you have done. If you get stuck, tell me where and how you got there, and I’ll try to help you get moving again.

rk bella, please let us know when & where you post your pictures. I am really interested to see what that side of Casa Marina looks like. What about the SeaEscape Restaurant?

Hi, Okay, I logged on and posted 6 or 7 photos tonight showing the beach at the Casa Marina. These photos were taken on Feb 11, 2009 in the morning.
Go to: www.worldisround.com
and type in - Casa Marina Beach and Reef - Sosua DR
These may take a few hours to publish. Let me know if you are having troubles viewing them.
Thanks for the help BOB!

They’re up. I’ll save you some searching. The link is

Hi missingsosua,
The seascape restaurant is gone! They have moved the pool tables from the pool table area and made that the seascape. While I was there, they built an additional patio on that area as well. (You know where the stairs were coming from the beach to the pool table area…well, the stairs are gone and the new extenion to the patio is now there). Hope that makes some sense. cheers


thanks for letting me know what they’ve done with the Seaescape and the pool table area, did they make a new one?

I saw your pictures and that’s amazing to see how the beach has been washed away. Wow.

Hello all, my co-worker is going there this Sunday Feb 22…she got a good deal with GTD- she and her sister are in there 20’s. Is this place worth going…or should she try and change?? thanks

Personally I think it’s worth going,but then I’m biased. I think they will have a great time,they can always check out the town as the resort is a stones throw away.

So, based on that, the place is worth going.

Hey Bob…my other co-worker is going there on Sunday…in her 20’s with her sister. All is good you say? thanks Cathy

I didn’t say anything. I just quoted an earlier post. Poster seemed to think all was well and was posting from on-site.

oops, ok. Saw the pictures of the beach…or what is left of it…glad I listened to you on where I AM going :-*

Yeah, but that’s only part of the beach. AFAIK, the rest of it is fine.

It’s still beautiful there! Of course…GO! There is another beach at this resort…it is on the reef side and anyone can use it. It’s huge! I will post more photos tonight showing the other beach.

I just uploaded 2 photos of the other beach at this resort. This beach is on the Reef side. I took these photos from a boat. Again, I will upload more tonight.

Casa Marina is definitely worth going, and yeah the beach on the Reef side is very very large. Not the longest, but is deep and has very nice, clean sand, and perfect waves.

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