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First time going to DR and am thinking of staying at the ambar, but when i look at the pics it looks quite wavy, are there any hotels that are situated on quiet water :slight_smile:
thanks for all the info

Hi there and welcome to the forum!

Ambar is located just about where the positive effects of the offshore reef disapate.

You will find the calmer waters from Grand Flamenco, all the way down to Cabeeza del Toro.

Within that stretch you will find the Paladium resorts, Carabella, Barcelo’s (except Premium), EdenH, Palma Real Melia, IFA, Oasis, Natura Park, Catalonia and the soon to be reopened Dreams.

Depending on the time of year you travel, the wave action at Ambar can be a non issue (summer and early fall) or a bit more aggresive ( winter months) due to the slight seasonal shift in wind direction.


PuntaCana Mike

Thanks Mike, which hotel would you recommend , I am in my 40’s and like calm beaches and great food! I will be travelling within 2 weeks time

Well, the fact that I work at EdenH would sway my opinion somewhat…But…that being said, you might also want to consider Paladium, or Melia. Both are large properties requiring a fair bit of walking…but decent overall value.

Should you have any personal questions you can send me a message!



Hi Mike, sorry decided to go with Natura Park sounds nice and I liked the name of the hotel mind you…Eden sounds good too!