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Beat the heat with Dominican Dominos


What is the best way to beat the intense afternoon heat in the Dominican Republic? Many Dominicans would say by playing a friendly game of dominos. http://www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/debbie_meets/137_travel_article_caribbean.html


Good article!
Doninos are very popular in Cuba and Jamaica too.


I’ve had fun playing dominos with the Dominicans :slight_smile:


Sometimes domino game can heat up and make friends fight. Sure its fun and great way to get entertained old stile without smart phones and TVs.


I think that I’ve actually had more fun watching people play the game than I’ve had playing it myself. Especially at little rum bars in Jamaica; very entertaining!


I’ve been inspired to order a domino set that should arrive next week. Summer is in the air and there shall be clicking and clacking of dominoes in the neighborhood!


My neighbors are from the Caribbean and every Thursday they have friends over and they play dominoes. I can hear the sound and I love it. They asked before if they are loud with dominoes game and I said just play I love to hear it :slight_smile: