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Bebbie ...Have a great trip to Panama!


Only wish I was going too … :’(


Me too!!! Oh well Bebbie- have a drink or two for me!!! And think of me when you are doing the Ragga Ragga.

Only 8 weeks and I will be heading out myself!!! I can’t wait.



Have a great trip… and prepare Panama for me… ;D :sunglasses: ;D

16 days left!!!


Thanks everyone. :-*

Counting tonight…three more sleeps until we are in Panama. :sunglasses:

Carribeangirl - What’s stopping you?

Veronica - Sometime perhaps we will end up there at the same time. I will force :wink: myself to have a drink or two for you. Now that you said it I know I will think of you when I am doing the Ragga Ragga or even listening to it.

Theponder - Gee, after I have been there, they might not let any Canadians into the country. ;D


Yes, Bebbie, have a wonderful time with the dh! :slight_smile:

Northgal :sunglasses:


:slight_smile: Have a great time, Bebbie!

And “theponder” - I think AFTER you they may not let Canadians in :wink: They won’t know what hit them! :smiley:

Looking forward to a review and some pics! :-*


and I will have quite a few pics… should have aroud 2000 pics…

15 days


they may want MORE canadians after you are there !!
Have a great time Bebbie, can’t wait to hear about your experience.
and of course, have one for me too!


Thanks…okay now I know I am going to be looped for all the times I have to “have one or two or more” for people.
That is okay…I will do that for all of you out there.



Just make sure you leave some for Anna And I…

14 days


Oh…alright then. :wink:


Couldn’t resist one last BON VOYAGE Bebbie!!!

I know you won’t be getting much sleep tonight…

Have a great time…AGAIN



Bebbie, I guess your are on the plain now… :sunglasses:

I didn’t have a chance to sign on this weekend. Hope you have/had a great trip…

Keep us posted… ::slight_smile:


I hope your holidays go quicky (for me, not for you…), as when you come back …I leave!!! ;D :sunglasses: ;D

13 more dodos!!!


:slight_smile: theponder - I think you need a ticker! :wink: :smiley:

BTW - I’m working on it ::slight_smile: Hope to get that info to you VERY soon.

Arrrgghh - I think I don’t like “imagestation”! ::slight_smile: :-*


Thanks everyone. Just got back. What a wonderful two weeks…but too short. This time, by choice, we did nothing but R&R. With all the drinks I had to have for everyone…who had time to do anything. ROFL.


Sounds like you had a great vacation in Panama, again! With this cold weather upon us ~ your probably already thinking about going back…lol Glad you had a great time Bebbie!


Hey Friend! OMG i can’t believe it went that fast!!! hope mines not :slight_smile: j/k
Let us know your thoughts, ins and outs and what to do/not to do k?
Glad your back safe and sound!