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Bed Bugs At The Fun Royale


I just read a new review of the resort of Fun Royal on Trip Advisor, a family had a nasty BED BUG infestation in their hotel room… yuck. Will think twice now about this hotel.


That review also stated they were from the knee down. Bed bugs aren’t that particular; you would be bitten head to toe. It was most likely sand fleas.


I agree completely with Bob for the same reasons. If it was bed bugs the bites would be all over the body and not just below the knee where sand fleas aways bite people. :sunglasses:


I just read the review and what a bunch of inconsitent bunk, prior review had everything great and less than 2 weeks the place is over run by bugs…be there…never saw anything like what was complained about. I sure our moderator will back me up on this as he has been there numerous times.
They also spoke about pictures, where are the pictures?
I have said in the past T/A reviews are and can be suspect and should be left right on T/A,
and not brought to these forums.

Why did the person not post a review on Debbie’s???

This thread should be closed or deleted.


It was some interesting info I read, thats why I hate these forums at times too my opionionated so and sos. Live and Let Live!!

Thanks to all the other ‘nice’ people here for answering my questions!!


While these forums might be opinionated, that is the way they should be… second hand information with zero backup should never be allowed…

The I read here should remain there…it is known fact that many reviews are bogus.


What is on T/A stays on T/A unless there is supported evidence