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Been awhile....too long


Well, it has been a couple years since I posted on Debbies…I see some familiar names and am enjoying reading your posts. Finally we are going back to Cuba this Nov. for 10 days. Haven’t quite decided between a couple resorts…ROC Barlovento, Be Live Turquesa or Arenas Doradas…we’re travelling on a “skinny budget” this season. I was trying to find some recent reviews but they seem to be old…am I not looking in the right place…? I’m not used to this new format…kinda lost.
Anyway…if anyone has a thought or two about my Resort picks…I could use the feedback. I can’t wait to go back.


Barlovento is nice , adult only ( 16 plus ) , right in town on the beach .
The ‘in town part’ is what I like .
But you still hear complaints about a lot of smokers and other things .
Can’t be to picky on a ’ Skinny budget ’

Johnny C


Thanks, Johnny C…Barlovento is still on our list. But we are now considering upping the budget and going to Holguin. We’ve been there before and loved it…Playa Cost Verde gets consistently good reviews We visited there way back in 2001…time to go back. I Think.:sunglasses:


If you are going to Holguin and are a true beach lover, you might want to check out Brisas Covarrubias, but do note that the bus ride to hotel takes a good 2 hrs.


Not sure if you’ve decided, but I really didn’t like Barlovento overall.


.Why didn’t you care for Barlovevento…?


Mmmm…many reasons. It was VERY smoky. Other guests unfriendly/rude. Bad service in buffet (traveled solo). No disco. Just…nt my style at ALL. I’ve loved everywhere else I stayed, but was let down by this one.


Yes desmei…I have heard those complaints before…especially about the smoke…Barlovento is scratched off my list. We are now seriously considering Blau Varadero…gets consistently good reviews.


Blau Varadero is on MY list too! Loved Aguas Azules/Starfish Varadero next door. NICE chunk of beach and no smell from the refinery. Far from the town, though.