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Beer Question @ Gran Ventana


I have been to The Dominican Rebublic a few times and have enjoyed the ice-cold Presidente at the resorts.

I had read that it is not available at the Gran Ventana. Can anyone confirm this?


Weird. I went there a few years ago and I drank my weight in Presidente.


I too am dying to know the answer to that question. I posted the same on on another forum and have yet to get a postive answer. I am off to the GV on Jan. 28 and would like to know. Big fan of the Presidente!


I doubt you have any fear, Presidente will be served, find a post by dot and pm her and ask her the question. she just returned awhile back.


We were at the Gran Ventana the first week of Nov.05 and the only Presidente we had was purchased at the Dorado Plaza and put in our fridge. >:(
Just had more rum :slight_smile:


sorry to say no Presidente at the Gran Ventana in June last year :-[


Don says that he can not swear that the beer on-tap is Presidente BUT, the spigot says so. Also, it comes in large silver “kegs” without any markings.

He does say that it is better than the beer (Quisqueya) they stock in the room fridge.



when i was there it was my drink of choice


starting to feel better…if it tastes good and it’s cold…I will be most happy.


When i was there in '01 and’02 Presidente was on tap at the main bar and pool bar but not at the quiet pool bar which is located at the beata building. The bartendar would bring some in in bottles every time his shift started and would only pull it out for the “regulars” that stayed mostly around the Beata area.


No Presidente that I saw…sorry :’(


Far too many conflicting responses. Please somebody tell me once and for all if there is Presidente beer at the GV, draught or otherwise…


NO :smiley:


wow, thanks for the incredilbe input


as in no there is no Presidente at the Gran Ventana


I gathered that…thanks


thats ok then ::slight_smile:


We stayed at Gran Ventana April 2004 and loved the Presidente! We will be Iberostar Costa Dorada starting the 28th. If they don’t have your beer of choice take a walk down the beach and I will “buy” you a Pesidente:)



I can’t comment on the availability of Presidente at the Gran V, but we faced the same quandary last year at the Bahia Principe Rio San Juan. Presidente was not served at any of the bars, but it was available at the lobby store for $2.00 U.S. I had learned to appreciate Presidente in Punta Cana the previous year. Quisqueya was the beer served at the resort and available in the mini-bar. To say it was a disappointment is an understatement. While we were quite happy with the resort and had a good vacation, I still cannot understand the policy of not serving Presidente other than it might have saved them some expense. Quisqueya was one of the most vile concoctions I’ve ever consumed, and trust me, I’ve quaffed my share. Even though it was “free,” well prepaid anyway, I could not bring myself to drink it after my first exposure. How can I describe its taste? Imagine wringing a gallon of someone else’s sweat through your own sweaty gym socks,bottling it,
and finally, adding some unidentifiable floating stuff for added visual effect. As to its odor, think Pepe Le Pew. :stuck_out_tongue:

Adios :sunglasses: ;D :sunglasses:


We had it in the speciality restaurants, but not in the buffet. That was someting on tap that did not taste like Presidente. Maybe they cannot always get it on tap or something. >:(