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I am going to Grand Playa Blanca next month what beer do they serve there this is my first trip to Panama ??


I don’t know if it is the same as Decameron but at Decameron they serve ATLAS and BALBOA.


Vyro how does this beer compare with canadian or americian beer???


Its like Coors Lite LOL. Not bad but not a beer drinkers beer.


I like it but I am not a big beer drinker back home. I prefer Corona with Lime when I drink beer. My husband is a beer drinker back home and he was ok with it, but he would agree with Waterloo, not a beer drinkers beer. He was more of a rum and coke man at the resort.



When the weathers hot and the beer’s cold you can stomach one! I agree not the best but ok, I found if you got Atlas in a can, from a store or something it was ok, not sure but I think they had cans in the room fridge?


Who owns the beer companies in Panama?

I understand that is Costa Rica it is COKE (Cervecería Costa Rica) and PEPSI (Cervecería Tropical).


Hi Islandman

We are traveling to this resort in 49 DAYS ya hooo cant wait.
Party of 11 going none of us have ever been there.Could you please let us know what the resort is like.

Thanks so much

Tracey and the gang.