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Best baby clubs?

Looking at going last minute this year and have the field narrowed down based on the best reviews for the baby clubs at the hotels - thought I would start a thread to see if anyone had any feedback (positive or negative) about any of these hotels - in relation to the baby clubs and atmosphere for children (less than 2y):

  1. Melia Las Dunas, Santa Maria
  2. Hotel Tryp Varadero
  3. Playa Pesquero, Holguin
  4. Paradisus Varadero
  5. Sol Cayo Santa Maria
  6. Sol Pelícano
  7. Barcelo Marina Palace, Varadero (included this, but with al the bad info I have heard about the bugs/mosquitos, etc. due to the swamp nearby, I think I have it crossed off . . . )

Thanks in advance for your time!

Does Sol Pelicano have a baby club? I thought it was the usual age 4 and up. I’ll be taking my ative 3 year old on Mar. 5 to Barcelo Marina Palace and I’ll let you know how it is - it’s my first baby/kid club and I am excited about the prospect of actually lounging for an hour or two. I am seeing reviews from all over Cuba complaining about mosquitos so I didn’t factor it into my decision.

We also got a good adult price, at the resorts with baby clubs starting at 0, kids are almost never “stay and eat free”. We are paying quite a bit for my daughter, on the other hand some resorts she would have $750 and not eligible for the kid club.

The Sol Pel’s website says they do???

I am very interested to hear what you have to say about the Barcelo marina Palace. I had friends who went with a large group and it was great for all, but my sister’s friends were there and they complained about the mosquitos . . .

If we go, it will be in March, as my son will only cost me $16 (adminstrative fee) if we go before he turns 2, after that, it’ll be $1200!! Or so the TA tells me?!

I look forward to your review!

Although we didn’t need this amenity, we checked out the Baby Club (as well as the Kid’s & Teen’s Club areas) at the Melia Las Dunas during our stay.

The facility itself was well equipped and those babies we observed in care seemed to be well cared for.

[quote=@canoesue]Does Sol Pelicano have a baby club?


SEVP, if you can get your trip in before your child turns 2, by all means do so (keep in mind under age 2 are free but don’t get their own seat, they will have to sit on your lap the entire flight, easier when they are really little).

It was quite a shock to me when I had to start paying for my daughter’s fare, we used to get away for $2,500 now it is $3,000 - $4,000! It seems the places I really like aren’t the ones with the cheaper kids’ rates. Last year we did Villas Jibacoa and paid only $300 for my daughter, this year I was looking at Sol Cayo Guillermo, she would have cost $755 and not be able to use the kids’ club (she is 3).

Barcelo Marina Palace was kind of a last minute, what the heck booking. I don’t really care about the less than stellar reviews of the place, we got a good deal and it will be nice to use the kids’ club. We leave on March 5!

thanks for the info - just have to wait for a seat sale now :^)

canoesue: I am sure you will have a great time.

We stayed at the Paradisus Varadero in October. We don’t have toddlers or babies but spent time with several groups/families who did. They were all VERY pleased with the services at the Baby Club there and I didn’t hear any complaints at all. I also found it very entertaining to watch the staff at all the restaurants and animation, etc., busily teaching the toddlers to speak Spanish. And watching the little guys screeching with joy when they saw their favourite Cubans. Actually, my husband does that too, only it’s in relation to the bar staff mostly.