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Best beach in Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo


Looking for the best beach and resorts in Cayo coco or Cayo Guillermo in mid September. I prefer calm, no wind like Iberostar ensenachos in Santa Maria. Thanks for your advices.


There are two different beaches at Sol Cayo Coco. They are separated by a headland. If the one on the right is too wavy, the one on the left is shallow and calm. Easy.
Nice spot too.


Thanks Spunky. Which resorts are on the left?


Have a look for yourself here, just hover your mouse over a resort and info will pop up:


In respect you cannot control the wind and even the calmest beaches can get windy and the ocean choppy; just some beach fronts are on the shallow side and more sheltered (coves) and more manageable if a storm blows in.