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Best Beach on the North

Which resort has the best beach on the North coast? Just curious.

Maybe define ‘best’. It means different things to different people.
In our case, the beach at Fun Royale is good because you can find shade at any time of day (important to us because my wife has a sun allergy) and there’s no towel game being played. The beach club is right on the beach and I mean right on the beach. The ambience, food and bar are great. But there’s also a down side. The beach is the so called ‘calm’ area and if there’s rain, the spot is the first to silt in and the last to clear. There’s also coral in the water, so you have to walk a few hundred yards in either direction to get hazard free swimming.

I like to have a sandy bottom when I swim in the ocean, we also like to snorkel, but I am not sure that we will find that on the North.

Well, the bottom is sandy and I see a lot of people snorkeling in the area around the point, plus they have snorkeling trips that go down to the little island a few miles east of Playa Dorada.
The biggest difference between north coast beaches and the others is the colour of the sand (darker) and there aren’t a gadzillion palm trees.

The best beach I have seen is Cabarete.
The restaurants there were quite expensive and quite empty.

In my opinion… Cabarete and Playa Grande. Both to the east of Puerto Plata (lotsa waves! Maybe not the best for snorkeling). However, as mentioned earlier, there are specific tours that take your snorkeling in the area.
Remember that the north has darker sands and water that in more of an emerald color that turquoise…
I prefer the north. :smiley:

Different opinions for different people. As far as a beach to swim and snorkel at Cabarete is wayyyy on the low end of the spectrum. It is great for restaurants and watching the kite surfers and such but lousy for swimming. Sosua is much better for swimming and snorkelling and Playa Grande is one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever been on. Probably a mile long and hardly a person in sight. Just no hotels on it which is probably why it is such a beautiful place.

Sosua Beach is the best for swimming and children playing.
It is located in a beautiful large bay protected from the prevailing easterly winds and ocean swells. It also has a large reef which helps reduce the wave action. The sand is absolutely gorgeous and the crystal clear ocean water is usually 29 C - 84 F.
Cabarete and Playa Grande are also very nice but since they are not protected in a bay, there are far larger waves and undertows.
My pick goes to Sosua Beach…outstanding !!