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Best beach suggestions Punta Cana


Can anyone give us advice on which resort to book with the best beach? We love white, thick sand, no rocks and calm water, lots of palapas/shade. As for the resort, 4 or 5 star would be nice, we are not picky. Thanks for the suggestions. K. :slight_smile:


Can I interest you in the south coast? It has the calmest water. Let me know and I’ll suggest further! (Take a look at my pictures at the link under my post, if you’re interested.)


Kaki this on internet forums is what is called “Thread Hijacking” if you want to suggest south do it with a pm, we know you love the south but the question begs Punta Cana information


As you have posted your question about Punta Cana I assume you are interested in Punta Cana and not the north or south coasts. Any number of resorts along the beach in Punta Cana have powder white sand with little or no rocks. As to a specific resort everyone has their own opinion of which one is best. IMHO the RIU resorts are among the finest. You will find that many members in Debbies will like other resorts in Punta Cana just as much as I like the RIU


Unfortunately Signature Vacations is not affiliated with the RIU chain. We like small to mid-sized resorts and we have an $1100 per person voucher from Signature that we need to use this year. We are age 31 and 36, no kids, we like adventures, golf, rock-climbing. I hope this additional info helps you suggest some good resorts.
Kaki, we can take this to the South thread. See ya. :sunglasses:


Since the RIUs aren’t in the running for you, I would suggest the Punta Cana Princess or the Caribe/Tropical Princess - only because you say you like small to mid-sized resorts. If you feel like trying a big resort, definitely go for the Bavaro Princess - it has an incredible stretch of beach and is a wonderful hotel. The PCP and Caribe/Tropical Princess resorts also have lovely beaches, but IMO the BP beach was just a smidge nicer.


If you want a smaller resort in PC that has every thing I would consider the LTI. I don’t know if Signature offers this resort but you could consider it as an option, Great beach and a large pool, friendly staff and great food. Of course there are many, many more great resorts offered by Signature.


With Signature you may want to look at Ocean Blue/Sand. It is on the same section of beach as the LTI and Princess resorts and it also has a golf course, bowling ally, and a climbing wall.


Oh, guys, I can’t tell how much I’m thankful for your valuable input. Here are our options: Iberostar Bavaro (5*), Bavaro Princess (4*) and Sunscape Grand (4*). The rest is not available (such as LTI) or too low for the voucher (such as Ocean Sand and Golf). So I guess we have to make up our mind on the above 3. Anybody had been in any one of them? Thanks again.


Sorry to jump in so late, but if you want smaller resort with a good beach, good food, and wonderful surroundings, you might want to look at Grand Paradise Bavaro.
My wife and I spent 2 weeks there in 2003 and really enjoyed it.
We are in our early to mid 50’s, so if you are looking for a happening place, then maybe it’s not for you. we loved it. :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:



I just got back from the Bavaro Princess on Oct 1st - if you click on the link at the top of the page for ‘Debbie’s DR Travel Page’, then go to the BP reviews, mine is the most recent (under Jen & Brandon). It is a large resort (not sure how it compares, size-wise, to your other options) but it’s easy to get around. We loved everything about it, and it has that fantastic beach you were looking for. Feel free to PM me for a link to my photos.