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Best buildings at the Melia Santa Maria

I’m sorry, another post about the rooms. Just want to know if anyone could tell us what number the buildings are that are nearer to the beach and the main walkway. Spent one night near the disco in another resort and that was enough. any insight would be appreciated. Sure is taking forever to make this april choice!

This won’t help directly but it’ll give you an good idea of the lay-out…


Thanks Martian, I just looked at the map and thought…yes! building #11!!! Guess they would kinds frown on us camping out at the beach restaurant!! Thank you for finding that for us, now I can wrap my head around the layout. Looks like just the spot for us…not too big…everything you need.

My own personal favourites are buildings 6, 7, or 8…close to the beach walkway and close to the walkway to Sol…and also a very quiet location. I’ve been in building 10, and that was fine as well. Many on this forum seem to like building 15, if I remember correctly. :smiley:

sunnyone, when are you gong?

March 27th for one week…probably will regret only one but we are going to Varadero with our grand daughter a few days after we get back in april…to a lesser resort but the sun is still as hot, sea is still as blue!

I agree. Bldg 7 or 8. 2nd floor. Right on pathway to beach. About a 5 min. walk to anything else, ppool, buffet, snack, towels, etc.


:slight_smile: We really like building 17. Really close to the “beach” restaurant (great place to get your morning coffee) and the walkway to the beach. Close also to the towel exchange and central to just about everything. :-*

Without a doubt second floor building 7 for us. We email a couple of weeks prior and they have always accommodated our request.

Zuley, do you have the email address and name of the guest relations person at the hotel? It would be great to email ahead to see if it is possible. thanks for all the help everyone!

Email for the MSM is jefe.ventas.csm@solmeliacuba.com
Good luck and enjoy your vacation!!


Thanks everyone…I’m pumped…only 61 days!!

sunnyone, just to point out that building #11 is RIGHT behind the Ranch restaurant which opens for lunch… with lots of cats and who know what else around… their garbage is out back… close to… you guessed it: building 11… ::slight_smile:

We were in building 22, which looks far from everything, but honestly, we were not even one minute away from the boardwalk leading to the beach… very quiet and clean.

zendudette, thank you for the heads up on that one! You are right…in the heat that could get a bit fragrent! Maybe I will just leave well enough alone and take what we get! I just turned really cold up here…again…so this trip cant come fast enough!

[quote=@sunnyone] Maybe I will just leave well enough alone and take what we get! [/quote]I don’t think it hurts at all to give them a general idea of your preferences…and it might prevent you from ending up with something totally unsuitable. e.g. if you want to be upstairs in a quiet area, I would at least tell them that…