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Best casino


:)My husband and I just booked Gran Ventana for the first week of April…just wondering which is the best casino to visit. Thanks for any information.


Not the one at Breezes lol, was closed the entire week we were there.

Hope you have a great trip.




I like the one at the Paradise because the minimum for blackjack is only 50 pesos per hand.
Plus you can play 2 or 3 hands and it is still only 50 pesos each.
It is still easy to lose a lot of pesos though but at least they have some nice drinks. :smiley:

The minimum at Jack Tar (HV) is 150 pesos and I’m not sure about the other one, probably the same.


have heard good things about oceanworld casino.


[quote author=dingdongdenny board=Poparea thread=1171926941 post=1171931541]http://www.superkenoscam.com/[/quote]This scam is at the Paradise. >:(

They used to have the other one Progressive Roulette. >:(

Watch out for the poker table too with no-limit and unlimited buy-ins.
A few buddies with big stacks sit around and wait for the next victim to gang up on. >:(
Find a limit game or tournament format if you want to play Texas Holdem in the DR. :slight_smile: