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Best currency for tipping...?


Well, that’s got Christmas and New Year out of the way - start looking forward to a couple of weeks of paradise now… :sunglasses:

Just a quickie to start off preparations:

What is the best currency to take for tipping? Last time we took US dollars which appeared to be gratefully received but I would like to try to use the best possible.

Any advise on the subject gratefully received.

Cheers, and a Happy New Year.


$US is best.



US for me all the way :wink:
Can’t go wrong :smiley:

Cin :slight_smile:


I like to tip in pesos but if I don’t have any, US is the next best.

If you are tipping in US, don’t give coins–they cannot be used in the DR.


I hope this doesn’t sound too daft but please don’t tip in any coin at all. If you tip in $US or £UK coin then that person you have tipped then has to find someone they know and trust (normally a tourist) that will exchange that coin for peso’s, I know as I have been that friend many times for my Dominican friends. Stick with notes, preferably $US or $RD but any will do as they can exchange them as the bank but I feel $RD is best closely followed by $US.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


I beg to differ.

But is king. Quiet money only please, no coins.


Us money all the way. However if I have a large amount of pesos remaining in my pocket before I go home I usually give it to some of the staff that never receive tips such as gardeners. After all pesos are useless at home unless you safe them for your next trip. :sunglasses:


Thanks to all - looks like the mighty $ has it…!


The reason I like to give pesos is because they can use them right away without needing to go to the bank to exchange them. For example, if they want to pick up food before they get a chance to go to the bank they have the money with them.


We always tipped the gardeners and the workers that were picking all the litter and things up to,some people tend to forget about them, and they are so grateful they never forget your face :slight_smile:


We usually do both. We did a quiet survey this year asking them which they preferred and the majority, believe it or not, said pesos and the reason is exactly what sunseeker said. If we tipped in pesos, it was normally 100 RD for an hour or so at the bar each time if it wasn’t the usual bartender (after all that’s only $3±US). At the beginning of our stay we gave the regular bartenders $10 US each and again on the start of our second week (as well as high fiving them in between times). The service was second to none. However, tipping is an individuals choice and soley based on what one can afford.
The gardeners, security guards, pool maintenance personnel, the maids and everyone else were also tipped.