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Best deals from Winnipeg

I was just wondering where to get the bes deals out of Winnipeg for the Easter week.

If you find any let me know, I’ll be checking :sunglasses:

Have you looked into Holy Week? I think it’s between April 5th-11th this year (around Easter) apparently not a great time to go to a resort. Just thought I would let you know in case you’re flexible on dates.
Also, I just booked for April and am leaving out of Toronto because there are very few - if any flights out of Wpg. after March. Try tripcentral.ca - they are very helpful.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, knew about holly week but it is the only time the girls can get off work without having to take too much vacation time. They would go to other countries if the deal is better also.

there is only one flight out of winnipeg direct for the month of april and it’s varadero.

Why are they so rare, dosen’t eny one go south after February. I thought we had it hard here in the Meritimes…

I find the Itravel2000 - Last Minute Deals - searches very good as they show multiple dates around your selected date along with multiple pricing. You don’t have to search places and dates individually. Gives you a look at many choices at the same time.

yes true but here from wpg, if you do that it brings up tons but all of it is connecting out of T.O. ! :frowning:

yes i don’t know why you guys are luckier then us… don’t get why we don’t have flights till the end of april at least??? you think i can’t be the ONLY one who want to travel!

OK…didn’t run any of the trips through to check the flight itinerary. That’s too bad that you don’t have any direct flights from Winnepeg. You would think that most major centers would offer more for the season right through April. Pretty good on the east coast.