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BEST Dominican music

I’m trying to make a cd for my son and his girlfriend who just booked their first Caribbean trip to Punta Cana. If you know of any really good Dominican music (I love it all) that I could download to create a cd I’d really appreciate song/artist’s names. I’d like to put it in their Christmas stocking!

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all my fellow “Dominican addicts”.

Frank Reyes is my favorite Dominican singer, as is his song “Nada da nada”…you can download lots of his songs on Limewire.

That name is very familiar to me. I bought a cd at the airport when I was leaving and that could very well be the one. Thanks and keep them coming if you know more.

Hi there! I lived in the DR for a few years and to this day, still LOVE merengue, bachata and salsa… here are a few:

-Monchy y Alexandra

  • Frank Reyes
  • Fausto Rey
  • Juan Luis Guerra
  • Toño Rosario
  • Eddy Herrera
  • Luis Vargas

Hope this helps! I have amny more if you wish :wink:

Should you really be advertising these illegal download sites on a forum such as this ???

Should you really be advertising these illegal download sites on a forum such as this ???

File-sharing is not illegal in Canada. Can’t speak for other countries …

FILE sharing may not be BUT the downloading of music where the appropriate royalties have not been paid to the artist is or if not it should be!
It is theft pure and simple

one of our favs is milly quezada, also fernando villalona

All I ever heard when I’ve been there is Celine Dion and Brian Adams and it was all I could do to toloerate that…thank goodness for the copius amount of rum :wink:

…I really wished they had played DR music though. :-[


i know-barf! one year when we stayed at sun village they told us they weren’t allowed to play latin music, the head office thought we would want to hear english music but actually it was the exact opposite!

maybe try google Milly Quezada. she is the queen of merengue. At least i read that some were.

You’ll want a mix of merengue & bachata. Elvis Crespo, Anothy Santos, Frank Reyes (mentioned earlier), Juan Luis Guerra,
Elvis Martinez are some of my personal favourites. :sunglasses:

re: Best Dominican Music, my computer catches trogans from alot of these sites , beware!

Post number 1 and we get a warning???

If you have good AV and SW programs you do not get trojans.

Yes, and thanks for it. Limewire has a BAD reputation for viruses and trojans …

Use WinMx, much better source, never got a virus or trojan from it.

another great bachata artist is raulin rodriguez…many of his smooth songs are played around the pool bar!

WOW thanks for all the suggestions. Been loving it listening to them all!

My favourite bands/singers are


Raulin Rodriguez
Frank Reyes
Zacarias Ferreira
Anthony Santos
Joe Veras
Yoskar Sarante


Los Hermanos Rosario
Eddy Herrera
El Jeffrey
Grupo Mania
Kiniti Mendez
La Makina
Los Toros Band
La Banda Chula
Caña Brava
Juan Luis Guerra

There are much more good artists in the Dominican Republic.

And Don Omar are definately my favorites.