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Best Exchange Rate

for CUC from CND$$

We are going to Playa Pesquero in February. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We are wondering if it’s best to exchange all our CND$$$ for CUCs at the airport or is there a bank in Guardalavaca.


1.) The best exchange rate is a bank.
2.) The next best exchange rate as it any Cadeca.
3.) The next best rate is at the Airport Cadeca.
4.) The worst rate is over-the-counter at any hotel or resort because the rate is not regulated by the government.

On an all-inclusive holiday then the difference between Options 1, 2 & 3 is immaterial.

If you’re an independent traveler or a long term visitor then exchanging at a bank is the most sensible option.

Ok then thanks for the tip! I’ll make sure to get the CUCs exchanged anywhere but the hotel/resort. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

I do have follow up questions… :o :o :o

  1. is there a Bank near Playa Pasquero resort?
  2. is there a Cadeca near Playa Pasquero resort?

if so how far? can we walk ?

  1. we arrive in Holguin at around 6pm will the Airport Cadeca be open. If so is it located at the arrivals or departure of the airport?

info is greatly appreciated! :-* :-* :-*

Many of the hotels now have cadecas on the premises. You might check whether Playa Pesquero has one. The airport is not always better than the hotel…certainly not if the hotel has a cadeca. Also, count your change if you are using the facility at Holguin airport. They tried to short me last spring when I was there…and then I got a better rate at the hotel anyhow. :smiley:

Playa Pesquero has a cadeca right on the premises, to the right of the reception area. Last year the exchange we got a PP’s cadeca was identical to the rate we got at the airport.

thanks SharonAnn

There is a bank in front of or near the Club Amigo resort but I would not reccomend it as when I have attempted to go there is a very long lineup and you will need your passport. I like getting my exchange done at the airport. Usually there is lots of time, if I feel rushed one of us waits for the luggage and the other gets the cash as it is or was in the same room. Also, get a receipt. I have never had any probs at Holguin airport with exchange, but it is best to get a receipt. I usually give a pack of gum to the teller too (after the transaction). It’s usually one of the first smiles I get in Cuba.