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Best place to Exchange currency

I’m going to Cuba for the first time and I was wondering where is the best place to exchange CAD for CUC. I heard some places was at the airport and another was directly in front of the Iberostar Daquiri at a little bank. Where will i get the most pesos for my buck!!



This topic was just covered recently:

in my experience it’s always at the airport

And remember, once you have some CUC’s, you can change them for smaller notes and CUC coins at your resorts front desk.
You don’t have to line up at the Exchange Office for change.

At the airport, as long as there is no long lineup.

It is not necessarily at the airport, but the difference is small if you are only changing a relatively small amount.

Where do you go at Varadero airport to exchange money? Is it easy to spot when you’re there? I’d like to exchange my money there so we don’t have to worry about it later, but don’t want to miss the bus/taxi when they pick us up from the airport to take us to the resort!

I wouldn’t worry about getting it @ the Airport, for the 1-2 dollars per hundred it’s not worth the head ache. You be able to exchange @ your resort !

If you do want to exchange some money at the airport, it’s very easy. After you have finished with customs and have your luggage , go out the main door towards the parking lot. Turn left and go back inside into the departures area. The exchange windows are on your left about halfway along the wall. This is a very small airport so you don’t have far to walk.