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Best plane seat to pre-book


We’re flying to Punta Cana with SunWing. They say they have their own planes, although I’ve also seen that it’s SkyService. We’re flying in a 757.

I’m thinking of pre-booking seats because my 6’3" husband could use extra legroom. But when I called them, they won’t book exit seats (they’re first come first served). They will book the bulkhead but if anyone shows up with a Doctor’s note we get kicked out. There’s an image of the layout of the plane on the website, but it doesn’t look like any others have legroom.

Any suggestions on a good seat we could request? Aisles don’t help a whole lot, because people are always tripping over your feet if you leave them out there.


I would suggest you get an aisle seat and let the other passengers watch where they are walking.
To bad you couldn’t get a doctor’s note. Other wise just try and be there early for the bulk head seats as all the rest excluding the exit seats are the same size.


Jean: Bob is one tall man too.

We always get to the airport early, and besides have a big ole smile on his face and the blue eyes Bob asks if it’s possible to have a seat with more legroom. The emergency exits seem to have more leg room also. Oh Stillgotit says they aren’t any larger on your planes. We travel the USA 3000 and the exits seats are a little roomier. Listen to Stillgotit–he travels all the time there (sence the envy) .

BaltoBabe says she always takes donuts for the airport–hey can’t hurt to sugar them up.

Good luck.


Carol, That is right! Donuts and or Berger Cookies. Whatever confection is popular in your neck of the woods! Being first in line with a big smile and bearing food gets me what I want every time. Also doesn’t hurt to take something to the crew on the plane that has gotten me a drink or two on the house! Sometimes I take a small lotion or cologne for the female fight crew to smooze a little with the girls…hey we girls have to stick together.

all the best,


Berger cookies?

I can’t stand it that I don’t know what they are.

We’re not that far away from each other.

Oh my–what am I missing–better not be covered in chocolate !!!


We always get to the airport early so we are usually the first in line and ask for the bulkhead or emergency seats. They don’t preassign these seats and they have the most room but you have to be there early.


Well as a matter of fact the Berger Cookies are just full of chocalte!


the above should take you to a page that shows them. I am thinking this time of taking some “TastyCakes” since Philly is where they are baked and they are readily available to me also! so many tasty choices to tempt the tastebuds and bribe my way into the hearts of the airline personel.

all the best,


Getting there early is what I was trying to avoid by pre-booking. Spending 3 hours at the airport, starting at 3am, is torture for me and the kids. Add to that the 2-hour drive to TO, and our first vacation day is shot because we’re too tired. Tried staying overnight in TO, but the kids don’t sleep anyway at the hotel, and the airport bus service is always so disorganized that you still spend an hour getting to the airport, and you had to fight for that spot!

I was hoping to leave home around 2:30am, the kids will sleep in the car, and get to the airport at 4:30 for a 6am flight. I know they say to get there 3 hours early, but then you sit for 2 hours. There’s very little food at that hour and nothing to do.

I guess I need to decide what’s more important - sleep or legroom.


You will not get bulkhead seats prior to departure with faxing in a medical certificate when pre booking. Getting there easrly is torture especially with kids, pick a decent hotel that has their own shuttle service. The one I use is not overcrowded and no more thaan 10 minutes away. PM me if you would like the name of the hotel and parking is also free with your room as are most. You still have to pay to park somewhere if you do not take a hotel.


Last week I pre-booked bulkhead seats with Transat for our return flight, does this mean that those seats will not be there for us upon check in ?


I don’t believe you can pre-book the bulkhead or emergency exit rows anymore. We tried last year and were told no and we have done it before in the past.

I tired for this trip (9 more sleeps) and was also told no…


I was told I could pre-book bulkhead, but that they would give them away on departure day if someone showed up with a medical certificate. There was no guarantee that I wouldn’t be bumped. For my family, it’s $80 return to pre-book, so I want a guarantee. I want to know that I can show up later and still have my seats. Looks like I’m asking too much.



A couple of years ago we were flying AT to Cuba and when I went into the website for the plane configuration I picked row 4 as it was the bulkhead seats and we paid the money to prebook them. We didn’t rush to the airport because we had prebooked and when we checked in we were in row 5, not row 4 as we had paid for. When I asked the agent, we were told that whoever prebooked our seats made a mistake because they do not preassign those seats. We paid $20.00 each return and ended up still squat in row 5. We now know to not bother prebooking and just show up early to get the seats we want.
Jean, the Gateway Sheraton is right in Terminal three and they have a catwalk to the airport so you don’t even need to go outside. We stayed there in 2000 when we had a late arriving flight from POP.


Please anyone…What’s bulkhead seats??? ::slight_smile:


They are the seats in the front row of economy class and they have lots of leg room. They aren’t always an ideal choice for heavier people though. We witnessed a large lady having to eat her meal while holding onto it because the tray comes from the side of the arm rest and it didn’t fit around her.


Thank you Sunny. I just couldn’t translate that one. :-[


As an ex-larger woman I can agree that the drop down tables either from the arm or from the seat in front both do not allow for fuller figures and I always ate on a slope! For that reason I upgraded once to the posh seats in front… it was wonderful and worth the extra for me.

I have managed to pre-book bulkhead seats from the UK without any problems. I would also point out that if you get a doctors letter it might not work as they will not put less abled people near the emergency exit as you may have to help and/or get out of the way quickly in the event of an incedent (for want of a better word.)

Good luck, cheers Amanda :-*


I was caught up in the “no prebooking” of emergency exit seats as well. My travel agent suggested that we pre book a window seat and an isle seat. Since we are traveling at off season, she said this results in no one wanting the middle seat between us as they ususally want to sit close to a group or book seats in pairs. She said 95% of the time she & her husband get the room on the 3 seats and can stretch out on an angel. I, however, didn’t want to take the chance of having someone snag the seat between me & hubby, but it was a suggestion. We’ll take our chances at the airport.


I’m booked with Sunquest / Skyservice for January. As soon as I booked, I tried to pre-book my seats on-line. Bulkhead or emergency exit seats are not released for pre-booking (at least not on-line).

Now I’m a big guy…not fat…just fluffy! so I NEED the extra room. I too have the problem of the tray not fitting between me and the seat in front of me. So,I’ll be at the airport really early for the emergency exit seats. They have a bit more legroom. Personally, I don’t like to select the bulkhead seats because they are usually the first rows at the front (or mid-section) of the plane where the lavatories are located. With the constant line-ups for the toilets, you end up staring at someone’s backside most of the flight. I’d rather be scrunched up in some other seat. ???


To be quite honest…

Any plane seat going to the Dominican would be great right about now!

We have always asked for the seats right in front of the wing, why, I really dont know, but we have always had a good flight.

Have a great vacation!